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26 June 2024

‘Technology that Inspires Educational Transformation’, the cross-cutting theme of SIMO EDUCATION 2024

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IFEMA MADRID, in collaboration with EDUCATION 3.0, will organise the Salón Internacional de Tecnología e Innovación Educativa (International Exhibition of Educational Technology and Innovation) at the Recinto Ferial from November 19 to 21.

SIMO EDUCATION 2024 holds its first meeting of the Organising Committee of a key call for the redefinition of the role of technology and how it transforms the way in which teaching and learning takes place at all levels of education.

SIMO EDUCATION, Salón Internacional de Tecnología e Innovación Educativa (International Exhibition of Educational Technology and Innovation) will be held from 19 to 21 November at IFEMA MADRID in collaboration with EDUCATION 3.0 The Organising Committee has just held its first meeting, during which it announced the motto of this coming edition: ‘Technology that Inspires Educational Transformation’.

Based on this, the fair's contents will aim to redefine the role of technology, transform the way it is taught and learned at all educational levels, and show how innovation and pedagogy play an essential role in improving the overall quality of the education system.

The incorporation of technology in education is enhancing the efficiency of both learning and teaching, facilitating significant progress in distance education, and customising, adjusting, and gamifying learning, among other factors. Moreover, it is equipping students with the necessary skills to tackle the demands of the 21st century, providing them with a strong basis in digital competencies and essential abilities.

Nuria de Miguel, the recently appointed director of SIMO EDUCATION, emphasised the importance of uniting leading companies in the field of educational innovation to provide innovative technological resources for teaching. She added that SIMO EDUCATION 2024 is poised to be an indispensable event for the education industry, convening all major players to discuss the crucial topics of technology and education and to address evolving needs by updating and adapting our available solutions.

Educational technology, AI in the classroom and emotional education, a necessary debate

At this benchmark event, numerous experts will address fundamental aspects that are marking the future of education. Within the areas that will shape the SIMO EDUCATION 2024 agenda, it is worth emphasising educational technology as a means to facilitate teaching and learning processes, considering its significance in enhancing student achievement. Additionally, the integration of AI in classrooms and its transformative impact on education through personalised approaches, as well as the principles and ethical considerations guiding technology usage, are also key aspects to be highlighted. The focus on emotional education, mental health, and bullying is crucial in tackling the issue of school violence, which encompasses cyberbullying and infringes upon students' right to education. This significantly impacts the health and overall well-being of students both within and beyond the school environment.

Acknowledgement of exemplary methods in the educational setting and the dedication exhibited by educators.

The XII Educational Innovation Awards will complement the materials found in SIMO EDUCATION by recognising the identification of effective classroom practices by experts. As per tradition, the awards will honour the top 14 Innovative Teaching Experiences that demonstrate exceptional pedagogical innovation.

Furthermore, a fascinating schedule of conferences and workshops focusing on educational innovation will be available. This includes the prestigious Conference of Directors and Managers of Educational Institutions, which aims to tackle the challenges and opportunities brought about by technology in classrooms. Additionally, the SIMO INSPIRA programme will feature 20-minute talks designed to inspire and motivate educators in their day-to-day classroom activities.

SIMO EDUCATION 2024 will leverage the LiveConnect platform to seamlessly integrate into the digital ecosystem. This integration will enable professionals to easily connect, schedule meetings, access exclusive content, and participate in various activities. Moreover, it will create a conducive environment for fostering business opportunities and expanding the value networks associated with the fair throughout the entire year.

SIMO EDUCATION 2024 is scheduled to take place at IFEMA MADRID from 19 to 21 November, attracting leading brands and digital content for teaching. It aims to bring together professionals from all training cycles, making it the ultimate reference event for teaching professionals. Organised in collaboration with EDUCATION 3.0, the exhibition brings together innovative technological tools and solutions for educational innovation, the improvement of teaching-learning processes, and the management of schools and colleges.