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23 October 2018

SIMO EDUCATION 2018, framework for the conference “ICTspiration. Be the agent of change”

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Escuelas Católicas Nacional (EC) and Escuelas Católicas de Madrid (ECM) will be participating in the Trade Fair activities, organising a conference that will place its centres as a reference of innovation in the classroom and will acknowledge the work and dedication by teachers contributing to this transformation.

Organised by IFEMA, the benchmark technological event for the teaching world will be held from the 13 to 15 November, in Hall 12 at Feria de Madrid

For the third consecutive year, Escuelas Católicas Nacional (EC) and Escuelas Católicas de Madrid (EMC) have chosen SIMO EDUCATION as the setting to present the innovation programs they have implemented in the classrooms of the Escuelas Católicas centres, during the conference “ICTspiration. Be the agent of change”. The Trade Fair organised by IFEMA, from the 13 to 15 November, will have a program running all day on the 13 November, where several of the centres integrated with the EC and ECM and teachers will share their experiences regarding the transformations in teaching.

The Conference will begin with the lecture by José Ignacio Gil de Sola Díaz and Axel Ceinos Moraza, former students of the Escuela Profesional Javeriana and entrepreneurs in the technological project “Nutrición y Cocina Asesores” (Nutrition and Kitchen Advisors). Along these same lines and in keeping with the essence of the upcoming congress of Escuelas Católicas de Madrid “En Clave de Ti”, which will take place on the 22, 23 and 24 November, placing the student as the focus of change in schools, it will be the students themselves who will present the following ICT experiences that are being implemented in their centres: “PensaTAC: How we integrate the culture of thought with ICTs” by the School María Virgen (Jesuitinas-Chamartin); “We eat the cell and increase biodiversity” by the School San Ramón y San Antonio; and “ The other face of the world- Recycling and social media use” by the School San Luis de los Franceses.

In the afternoon we will hear from Charo Fernández, Upper Secondary teacher at the School Salesianos Atocha in Madrid, who will prove that teacher and student can be partners in achieving educational success.  After this, Sandra Galiano, Elisa García, María González and Lydia Murillo, students from the School Nazaret Oporto in Madrid, who will take us to the world of Big Data to prove, through their experience, how we can go from managing emotions to intelligently controlling massive data.

The conference will end with an educational breakout by Ana María Martínez, teacher at the School San Diego y San Vicente in Madrid, and presentation of the guides “Generation Apps” and “EnREDate con seguridad” produced by Escuelas Católicas to teach students with special educational needs about technology and social media. Alex Scola, child-youth clinical psychologist specialising in early attention, autism and new technologies, and Sonia Ramos, member of the Special Education team at Escuelas Católicas, will explain the goals and activities of these guides for their application in learning centres.

The presence of Escuelas Católicas and Escuelas Católicas de Madrid at SIMO EDUCATION 2018 are proof of the commitment by the learning centres integrated in this institution to learning innovation and to the support it may find in new technologies, which are an efficient instrument in improving quality in education.

SIMO EDUCATION, the benchmark technological event for professional teachers, will be held from the 13 to 15 November, Tuesday to Thursday, at Feria de Madrid, organised by IFEMA in collaboration with EDUCACIÓN 3.0.

As every year, the Trade Fair will provide an important perspective on the latest technological tools and solutions for educational innovation, as well as to improve learning processes and school management.

SIMO EDUCATION 2018 will also have an area for Start Ups, at SIMO EDUCACIÓN IMPULSO (SIMO EDUCATION IMPULSE); for innovation in equipment and services within the initiative SIMO EDUCACIÓN INNOVA (SIMO EDUCATION INNOVA); a highly active MAKERS area and a new section SIMO EDUCACIÓN INSPIRA (SIMO EDUCATION INSPIRES), a two-hour event where renowned experts will offer short inspirational and motivational lectures, each lasting around 20 minutes.

In addition, there will be a full program of conferences, presentations and workshops, where the new teaching and technological trends will be the main focus, as well as special sessions aimed at School Headmasters, and presentation of a selection of innovative experiences implemented in various centres in Spain, among many other activities.