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29 October 2018

SIMO EDUCACIÓN IMPULSO showcases twelve technological projects for the education sector

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The startups selected are BeChallenge, Classmate, GoKoan, Keyncept, La Era de los Valientes, Lee con Leo, Level 5 Educación, NetsCutting, Play2speak, Quantified Reading, Smart Discovery and WET_edugames

Organised by IFEMA, SIMO EDUCACIÓN 2018 will take place from 13 to 15 November in Pavilion 14.1 at Feria de Madrid

SIMO EDUCACIÓN presents, for the second year running and in partnership with SEK Lab and Fundación Madri d, SIMO EDUCACIÓN IMPULSO, the support platform for entrepreneurs, which is spotlighting 12 innovative projects and up-and-coming companies developing technology-based solutions with extensive potential for application in the education sector.

Under this initiative, the Learning Technology Trade Fair, organised by IFEMA, to be held on 13 to 15 November, offers the selected startups the opportunity to participate in a shared stand, enabling them to connect with industry professionals, generate leads and benefit from the trade fair’s communication campaign. They will also be eligible for one of the three Impulso Awards: the Jury Prize, for the project with best overall evaluation, with €1,000 on offer; the SEK Lab Prize for the best business model, which offers a fast track for direct entry into the SEK Lab business accelerator; and the Madri d Award for the best investment opportunity, which consists of a fast track to presenting the project at the next Madri d investment forum to over 50 potential investors.
The jury’s evaluation criteria take into account the degree of technological innovation, the degree of educational innovation, and the potential for application and impact in the education sector.
Selected projects and enterprises
A challenge-based learning platform; an innovative solution for the automated management of teacher absences; an eLearning tool to optimise study; an app to support the development of language, reading and writing; an app to facilitate the practice of study methods; an app to analyse reader behaviour; a gamified solution for improving employability; a cloud-based solution for producing and using learning material; a virtual reality experience combining artificial intelligence and storytelling for language practice; a system for monitoring and managing internet access in classrooms; a plug and play platform with various functions for modifying student experiences; and a tool for developing immersive experiences for teaching English through alternate reality games: all these projects will be on display at SIMO EDUCACIÓN IMPULSO.

BeChallenge (Barcelona) / (under construction)
A challenge-based learning platform for boosting 21st-century skills. Incorporating proprietary digital, gamified methodology, the platform combines challenge-based learning, design thinking and peer learning. It provides teachers with an entire ecosystem for creating individual, cooperative and global challenges, in a very simple and functional way.

Classmate (Badajoz)
An innovative product for the automated management of teacher absences in schools, by means of an artificial intelligence environment and a virtual assistant.

GoKoan, (Valencia)
An eLearning tool that optimises both study time and methods. Taking advantage of the benefits of IA, GoKoan changes behaviour towards studying, enhancing the likelihood of success.

Lee con Leo (Laredo, Cantabria)
An app for pre-primary and primary students geared toward helping children develop their oral and written language skills through games and positive reinforcement. It motivates students in their language development and acquisition of reading and writing.

Keyncept (Madrid)
A progressive web application with reader/editor functions for notes and content. It facilitates study methods recommended by neuroscientists, including chunking, spaced learning and information retrieval from memory.

La era de los valientes (Murcia)
A gamified solution for improving employability by means of a fun, free mobile phone app available for Android and iOS. It helps universities, vocational training entities and public institutions to deliver training activities in a straightforward way. Through Talentikum, users can construct an alternative curriculum based on skills, interests and values - aspects which are increasingly important for employers.

Level 5 Educación (Santa Cruz De Tenerife)
A flexible, cloud-based solution for producing and using various types of educational material, including virtual and augmented reality. It enables monitoring, visualisation and evaluation.

Quantified Reading, (Majadahonda, Madrid) (under construction)
A cloud-based reading app that enables analysis of reader behaviour and offers teachers a learning management system (LMS). It collects both quantitative and qualitative information from reading experiences (including identifying which parts students read, their reading rhythms and points of no return).

Play2speak (Madrid)
A virtual reality experience that helps students to practice a new language through linguistic immersion in a conversational adventure game. It combines artificial intelligence and storytelling to create enjoyable conversational experiences that allow students to practice languages and improve fluency.

NetsCutting (Barcelona)
A system for monitoring and managing internet usage in classrooms. Configuration can be managed without computer skills and in real time, allowing control of whether internet access is available and what students can and cannot see.

Smart Discovery (Madrid)
A plug and play platform that enables modification of student experiences through the following features: conversion of pdf documents to HTML5; document enrichment (contextual comments, underlining, adding external information to documents including links and videos); cooperative work among pupils (share and solve) and a direct relationship with the tutor on the platform.

WET_edugames (Sevilla)
A tool for developing immersive educational experiences for teaching English as a second language, comprehensively adapted to students’ real-world needs. Through ARGs (alternate reality games), immersion, participation and motivation can be increased by 70 por ciento, working the 4 communications skills simultaneously.