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24 April 2024

SIMO EDUCACIÓN 2024 invites teachers to present their most innovative experiences

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Organised by IFEMA MADRID in collaboration with EDUCACIÓN 3.0, teachers wishing to take part in this initiative have until 31 May to submit their projects.

A total of 14 winning teaching experiences will be entered for the 12th Educational Innovation Awards and for special recognition in the 6th Best Innovative Teaching and Technology Experience 2024 and the 6th Best Innovative Experience 2024.

SIMO EDUCACIÓN, Salón Internacional de Tecnología e Innovación Educativa (International Exhibition of Educational Technology and Innovation) will be held from 19 to 21 November at IFEMA MADRID in collaboration with EDUCACIÓN 3.0 and is once again inviting teachers to present their most innovative experiences. This initiative aims to raise, drive, and highlight educational practices in schools and colleges, recognising teachers and their centres for their commitment to improving education and the teaching and learning process.

The deadline for entering is 31 May 2024 for all stages of education (pre-school education, primary education, compulsory secondary education, baccalaureate, vocational training, adult education, university education, artistic education, language education and sports education).

Teaching experiences will be rewarded in fourteen categories: Best Experience with Active Methodologies, Best Collaborative and Cooperative Project, Best Innovative Experience Infant and Primary, Best Innovative Experience Secondary and Baccalaureate, Best Innovative Experience Higher Education (Vocational Training, University...), Best Experience STEAM, Best Gamification Experience, Best Emotional Education Experience, Best ICT Project for Inclusive Education, Equality and Diversity, Best Self-Created Digital Resource, Best Sustainability Experience, Best Gender Equality in the Classroom Experience, Best Rural Classroom Experience and Best Educational Artificial Intelligence Experience.

In September, the teachers who submit their Teaching Experiences will be notified whether they are on the shortlist of 35 innovative practices, from which the 14 winners will share their projects with the educational community during SIMO EDUCACIÓN 2024, and whether they will form part of the presentation programme with a 30-minute presentation.

What’s more, during the presentation of the 12th Edition of the Educational Innovation Awards held within the framework of SIMO EDUCACIÓN, two of these experiences will be rewarded with special recognition in the 6th Award for Educational Innovation and Technology 2024 and the 6th Best Innovative Teaching Experience Award.

More information and the rules for submitting Innovative Teaching Experiences in this link:

SIMO EDUCACIÓN 2024 will be held on the Recinto Ferial at IFEMA MADRID from 19 to 21 November and will bring together the leading brands in technology and digital content for teaching at a benchmark technological event for teaching professionals in all stages of education. Organised to coincide with EDUCACIÓN 3.0, the fair is a showcase for avant-garde technological tools and solutions for innovation in education, improving teaching-learning practices and managing schools and colleges.