What SICUR is

What is SICUR?

SICUR is Spain’s leading international security event. Every two years, it brings together public and private security companies, associations, professionals in Madrid.

Innovation and technological development are the main focus of this professional meeting that addresses comprehensive security from five major areas (SECURITY, CYBERSECURITY, FIRE AND EMERGENCY SECURITY AND WORKPLACE SAFETY), with the aim of improving wellbeing and social development.


SICUR Sectors


Electronic and physical security and security services.

All technological innovation used in the protection of goods and lives – intelligent systems for access control and alarms, video surveillance, perimeter protection, intrusion detection, integrated security systems and equipment for security forces and other organisations.


Solutions and tools for the protection of information, systems and company data.

How to be aware of and control cyber threats. How to protect data, electronic systems, computers, mobile phones, servers and networks from malicious attacks. How to proceed with incidents and recover from disasters

Fire and emergency security

Passive and active protection against fire.

A special offer in fire-fighting and response solutions for emergency situations – fire-fighting equipment and vehicles, construction systems and barriers, detection and extinction systems, forest protection and much more.

Workplace safety

Employee protection and wellbeing.

Design, technology and innovation at the service of the worker’s wellbeing – Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), occupational risk prevention solutions and new occupational health ideas.