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24 July 2019

New National Police Vehicles Converted by VAMA

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Spain’s National Police has announced the introduction of new Toyota Prius+ i-Zeta (i-Z) radio patrol cars equipped with state-of-the-art technology to recognise up to 400 license plates per minute. The vehicles have been converted by FEDERAL SIGNAL VAMA and equipped with the Bifrost series lightbar and Smart Police System.

These are 10 Toyota Prius+ which will have new image recording and advanced communication technologies for faster and more agile sharing of messages, photographs and videos.

Instant license plate recognition using OCR will allow them to scan up to 400 plates per minute, even in low-light or night-time conditions. The reader is located on the front of the vehicle and has two external cameras to record any situation.

The vehicles also have a camera in the detainee compartment, which starts recording automatically when it detects a presence, and can also be turned on manually by officers. They are also equipped with an automated system for reading and querying documentation, and can send and receive images in real time.

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