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18 November 2019

New smoke-extraction system by SODECA

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SODECA presents a new foul-air extraction system for buildings, or smoke in the event of a fire, according to current regulations. To this purpose it employs automated systems with motorised hatches, with a completely airtight design and with the latest technology and certification for work at F-400ºC/2h or F-300ºC/2h, depending on the application.

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As they explain at SODECA, “the wall or roof system can be installed to extract smoke, in the event of a fire, or to use the system without temperature certification to extract foul air or air with contaminants”.

The equipment is thermally isolated with technologically-advanced materials. Their design also allows operation without any problem in the event of snow overload or strong winds, according to current market regulations.

In the event of a fire, the solution allows for the creation of smoke-free areas, enabling a safe evacuation and making it easier for the fire-fighting team to intervene. It also minimises damage to the building's structure.

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