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31 January 2020

Easier Arrests With SHOKE’s New Movement Prevention Device

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The SHOT MADRID, S.L./SHOKE/DUOGRIP-Sistema de Contención Personal (Personal Containment System) group will be at SICUR to present a new device designed to make work easier and better for agents whose duties involve stopping and arresting people. The DUOGRIP device prevents a person moving their arms and legs without risk of injury. Read more

DUOGRIP consists of a set of five pieces of latest-generation plastic alloy which combine to give a system with outstanding mechanical qualities, flexibility, solidity and lightness, in an innovative concept in arrest systems.

It is the result of research by a multidisciplinary team to create a device that, in its application, incorporates excellent safety measures. It prevents unwanted or accidental opening and improves on tactical aspects in comparison to other similar or existing techniques.

DUOGRIP can be released without the need for any key, sharp object or other similar systems, and can be reused an unlimited number of times. It’s discreet, small and requires no maintenance. And it’s intuitive to use and quick to learn.

The device will be on show at SICUR 2020, on the SHOT MADRID-SHOKE stand (10G42), where there will be mock demonstrations.

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