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19 December 2019

Mastertent Presents an Emergency Tent That Adapts to the Temperature

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At SICUR 2020 Mastertent will be presenting a cool tent for emergency situations with high outside temperatures. This is Thermo Tent, a folding tent with an extra air chamber between its outer and inner walls. This acts as insulation to keep the inside cooler at high outside temperatures. The same principle works in reverse: when it’s cold outside, the tent stays warmer inside. The aim is to maintain an optimal temperature for caring for injury victims. Read more

From the outside, Thermo Tent looks the same as the Rescue Tent, also by Mastertent, with all its special features for use in delicate situations such as disaster areas. But the special feature of Thermo Tent is the air gap in its walls, which maintains the proper temperature for each situation.

Mastertent is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of quality, 100% waterproof and fireproof folding tents. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be assembled in just one minute without any tools and have no loose parts or small parts that can get lost.

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