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28 October 2019

Juba disposable gloves at SICUR 2020

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Visitors at the JUBA stand at SICUR 2020 will find the range of Grippaz disposable nitrile gloves made by the company, which is becoming a leader in the market by offering an improved version of this type of products that are generally used in the sector.

JUBA’s gloves are single-use, powder-free and ambidextrous; and they stand out thanks to their exclusive nitrile formula and their patented fish-scale finish, that provides a much better grip than the traditional disposable gloves currently available. Other gloves on the market are sold with a diamond finish, but they do not offer the same grip. “On the other hand, Grippaz has a larger contact surface, therefore it provides a better grip under wet and oily conditions”, the company explained.

Designed for all types of demanding applications, including those that require direct contact with oils and greases, “their special formulation makes them ideal for use in a wide universe of industries, as they surpass the ISO 16604 standard for viral protection, and they meet the ENISO 374:2016 chemical standards and food-handling standards”.

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