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The Security World Presents Its Latest Innovations at SICUR’s Most Comprehensive Edition Yet

This year’s Fair will have 706 exhibitors, up 8.6%, and a total of 2016 participating companies. It will take place from 25th to 28th February at Feria de Madrid, a comprehensive edition with growth across all sectors. Along with the latest new developments, equipment and solutions for risk prevention and protection of goods and people in all areas (Security, Defence, Cybersecurity, Occupational Safety, and Fire & Emergency Security) SICUR will be incorporating new content such as the SICUR RESILIENCE conference, organised in collaboration with PESI, the platform for entrepreneurs, SICUR START-UPS, and the SICUR MUNDO HACKER event that will shine the spotlight on cybersecurity. As well as the Technical Seminar programme, FORO SICUR will have over 35 sessions addressing current issues and some of the major challenges of the moment in security, and the INNOVATION GALLERY will show a preview of companies’ research and development through a selection of 33 proposals that stand out for their high degree of innovation in design and technology.

19 Feb 2020

From February 25th to 28th, SICUR presents one of its most comprehensive and representative editions for the world of security, occupying halls 1, 3, 5, 4, 8 and 10 of Feria de Madrid. A unique opportunity to get to know one of the most comprehensive ranges of exhibitors in security and discover the latest innovations by a leading sector in technology, design and innovation that, every two years, makes the fair its best presentation platform. SICUR’s programme covers three main sectors:

Occupational Safety will be in halls 1, 3 and 5. It will be showing a wide variety of innovations including applications of new materials and designs for PPE to reinforce protection and comfort in gloves, footwear, and more; respiratory protection equipment, disposable clothing and interesting proposals aligned with sustainability, such as PPE made from recycled materials, and uniforms made from textiles made from plastics recovered from the sea, among others. Advances in new technologies are also affecting this sector, such as augmented reality for safety goggles.

Security will be in halls 8 and 10. It will include the presentation of major new improvements in the installation of video surveillance equipment and systems.  There will also be artificial intelligence for video analysis, cyber incident protection for connectivity, the latest in facial biometric detection and finger vein pattern reading for access control, systems to prevent false alarms, smart safes, explosion-proof doors, anti-squatting doors, drug screening testing, and even car armour systems, among other proposals.

Fire and Emergency Safety will be in Hall 4. It will be showing advanced solutions in active and passive fire protection equipment, as well as a wide range of solutions for improving emergency response. These include fire and smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, foaming agents, water pumps, innovations in fire protection for works of art, a simulation tool for Virtual Evacuation, and innovative public address and evacuation systems, including one installed at the IFEMA site. This offering is completed with a large deployment of fire trucks and lightweight rapid intervention vehicles, fire engines and forestry vehicles, and more.

There will also be the latest trends, and their main protagonists will take part in some of the new events at SICUR this year. These include SICUR RESILIENCE, organised in collaboration with PESI, with a major seminar by CNPIC and INCIBE about resilience for companies and organisations that calls for the integral management of security and risks from different perspectives, and the platform SICUR START-UPS, to support and to give visibility to new projects and enterprising companies.

Cybersecurity will also be present in SICUR’s content this year. On the one hand, the SICUR CYBER space, in collaboration with the ISMS Forum, will be the stage for analysis and discussion about regulation, lines of action, gap management, initiatives for business resilience, personal privacy risks and anonymous networks, among many other topics, during the four days of SICUR.

On the other hand, the new event SICUR MUNDO HACKER (SICUR Hacker World), on the 27th and 28th, will highlight cybersecurity as a fundamental part of integrated security in today’s economy and society. At SICUR MUNDO HACKER, cyber solution providers will offer demonstrations of attacks and responses, a programme of workshops and seminars with leading experts, such as Ian Khan, Forbes’ collaborator and CNN futurist and expert in emerging technology, and there will be a hackathon to attract talent.

As at every edition, SICUR’s INNOVATION GALLERY will showcase a preview of the research and development on which the companies are working. The jury has selected 33 entries this year that stand out for their high degree of innovation in design and technology. By sector, 11 of these products are applicable to the field of Occupational Safety, 14 to the Security sector, and 8 to Fire and Emergency Safety.


SICUR’s content will be completed with FORO SICUR (SICUR Forum), a programme of seminars, talks and presentations, with more than 35 sessions, which will deal with all areas of security, covering current issues and some of today’s main challenges.

As every year, SICUR will also offer demonstrations of law enforcement and emergency actions that will give attendees the opportunity to enjoy live demonstrations and learn from the best practices of leading professionals. Among them, the Madrid City Fire Brigade will offer different workshops on diving, learning, rescue at height, technological risks, and safety apparel for biological risk situations, and how to act in case of floods, among others, and demonstrations on how to deal with radioactive material, and decontamination.

The Canine Unit of the Ertzaintza (Basque Country police) will give a series of demonstrations with six police dogs showing how they locate explosives, drugs and bank notes, locate missing persons, and intercept and control people, among others.

The second edition of SMART DOORS, the International Door and Automation Exhibition, will be held in Hall 6, in parallel with SICUR. This will be another attraction for security professionals, as the offer displayed at this show will bring together the latest in fire doors, as well as innovations in automatic doors in general, with key technology solutions for the physical security of domestic and industrial premises.