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31 January 2020

BY DEMES Helps Improve Traffic And Security In Guadalajara

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One of the largest towns in Spain’s Guadalajara province needed a safety mechanism to deal with traffic accidents and incidents on public roads. This has been delivered by IMAN SEGURIDAD and BY DEMES GROUP, who have worked on a traffic control system for the almost 20 km² of the town. Read more

In September 2019, the town’s Department of Public Safety selected the solution offered by the installation company IMAN SEGURIDAD and the distributor BY DEMES GROUP. The two companies have worked together to deliver a traffic control system for the almost 20 km² of the town. In the first phase, they identified eight key points in the municipality where it was particularly important to provide comprehensive control to improve traffic, safety, and accident prevention.

At these points, they completed installation of a mix of fixed cameras and DAHUA motorised domes from the ranges with the highest available resolution and zoom. All data transmission is via UBIQUITI radio link using DAHUA network electronics, avoiding long-distance wiring problems. Also, both telemetry and high-definition images are continuously transmitted to the local police control centre. In the second phase, which is about to begin, this will be extended to include a License Plate Recognition system (LPR) at the same points.

The council of the town in Guadalajara explained that “it was important to make a technological leap for the public safety of our town, and IMAN SEGURIDAD and BY DEMES knew how to understand what we needed and give us the right solution.” They add that another advantage of this new system is “the Municipal Police can now respond immediately to traffic conflicts.”