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The SICUR MUNDO HACKER area will take place within SICUR, on the 27 and 28 February 2020. Entrance is free prior registration at SICUR MUNDO HACKER

Among its varied content, and in alignment with the growing inter-relation and interdependence between computer security and physical security, SICUR 2020 will host the SICUR MUNDO HACKER area, which will focus especially on cybersecurity at the fair, as an essential part of Comprehensive Security in the current economy and society. At SICUR MUNDO HACKER the main providers of cyber-solutions will present the various threats faced by companies and citizens and the steps that should be taken for protection against cyber-risks.

The SICUR MUNDO HACKER program, to be held on the 27 and 28 February, will offer conferences, discussions and workshops with major experts, who will inform on the current cybersecurity challenges..

On Thursday 27 February, the SICUR MUNDO HACKER program will focus on the combination of traditional security with cybersecurity, with the participation of renowned national and international professionals, among whom is Ian Khan, collaborator with Forbes, important futurist on CNN and expert in emerging technology, who will open the event, and Antonio Ramos, well-known Spanish expert on cybersecurity, who will introduce the program. The SICUR MUNDO HACKER area will also be the setting for demonstrations on domotics, smart cities, healthcare or mobility where professionals will learn about some of the types of attacks that are happening and how to face them.

On Friday 28 the area will transform into 4 classrooms, where workshops will be held for technical profiles, and informative talks that will offer tips on improving awareness of cybersecurity and promote proactive protection. Talent will also be recruited, with the Hackathon where participants will be able to test their knowledge by means of several challenges.

Specific registration is required to access this area.


Once again, the SICUR CYBER area, sponsored by CIPHER, will be dedicated to knowledge and networking, where ICT companies and organisations will offer solutions designed exclusively for the world of security. Additionally, in collaboration with ISMS Forum, the largest active network of organisations and experts committed to Information Security in Spain, SICUR CYBER will be the setting for analysis and discussion on the latest cybersecurity risks and threats.

These are some of the issues to be discussed: “National cybersecurity in figures”; “Main agents and lines of action”; “New regulations applied to the security of networks and information systems”; “A guide to Security Breaches: available guidelines and good practises”; “Initiatives to improve corporate cyber-resilience”; “What is the value of my data?”; “Why should I perform a Data Protection Audit?”; “Data Processing: Analyse the risk, evaluate the impact”; “What should I do in the event of an information theft or leak?”; “Main risks to people’s privacy”; “Anonymous networks: a challenge for cybersecurity”.


SICUR will have a new area related to the modern concept of Resilience in Companies and Organisations. The area is SICUR Resilience, which will have an exhibition space with its own image and identity at SICUR, to achieve maximum visibility. The corresponding exhibition stands will also have a networking area and auditorium where two technical conferences will take place.

Resilience development entails a comprehensive management of safety and of the current risks from their various perspectives (operational and industrial, environmental, human factor, security and cybersecurity) and, therefore, new capabilities and tools are necessary within companies. And especially an advanced model for this Governance that allows for the development of suitable strategies and coordination of the related areas within the company.

SICUR Resilience will host a wide variety of companies and organisations. There will be industrial and services corporations; operators of infrastructures, networks and citizen services; Smart Cities; business consultancies; safety and cybersecurity consultancies; industrial safety engineering companies; technological consultancies; suppliers of safety technologies and systems; cybersecurity services; inspection and certification agencies; and training centres specialising in comprehensive security.


The next edition of SICUR will see the launch of a new section for entrepreneurs. It is SICUR START UPS, a platform that will comprise projects and recently-created companies developing innovations that are widely applicable in the security field.

The purpose of this new space is to highlight and support these corporate projects and new companies, who can register at this link.

Those who are chosen to participate in this area will benefit from the meeting point provided by SICUR to generate and meet with professional contacts and they will have a high degree of visibility in the trade fair’s communication campaign.

The evaluation criteria will be the degree of technological innovation; the degree of novelty for the security sector; the potential to be applied and impact to the security industry; the potential for internationalisation and the project scalability.

Further information and competition rules at this link.