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Salon Look celebrates 20 years, reaffirming its leadership and commitment to the integral beauty sector

This IFEMA-organised event is celebrating its 20th year, with the highest levels of participation in recent years, including more than 400 exhibitors and 1,300 national and international brands. It is the largest meeting of professionals from the world of beauty, hairdressing and cosmetics on the Iberian Peninsula

The year's exhibition has added another hall to give a total of 5, where professionals can learn first-hand about the latest trends, innovations and product releases with a view to the next season

31 Oct 2017

The exhibition will once again be a prominent training forum, through various hairdressing shows from –Omat, L´Oréal, Selective, Effervescene, Rodelas, X-presion, Wella, Sebastián and Club Fígaro- – Aesthetics and Micropigmentation congresses- the Hairdressing and Beautician Business Meeting and –World of Massage Workshops, etc.

The next Look Exhibition will host this year's Makeup Championships and the nailcare Olympics, Nailympion Spain

The Look Exhibition and the International Image and Integral Aesthetics Exhibition are organised by IFEMA and they will celebrate their 20th anniversary on 3-5 November - from Friday to Sunday, at the Feria de Madrid Exhibition Centre. It is the leading event in the field of beauty in Spain and one of the most important in the world and it is committed to the sector.

At this year's event, Salon Look will include the most comprehensive range of exhibitors in recent years, with a notable increase in participation in comparison with last year, to over 400 exhibitors and 1,300 national and international brands, forming the largest professional space dedicated to aesthetics, hairdressing and cosmetics on the Iberian Peninsula. Germany, Italy and Portugal top the international participation.

This growth in the 2017 exhibition focuses on the occupation of an additional exhibition hall compared to last year, giving a total of five – 2, 3, 4, 5 and 14.1 at the IFEMA-Feria de Madrid Exhibition Centre. All the halls will contain exhibits from a wide range of sectors, facilitating the visit to all professionals.

Hall 2 will comprise exhibitors from the Salon Furniture and Barbershop sectors, including the Barber Ring, a space with the latest innovations in the world of the barbershop, and the Design Forum, a scenario which will bring together experts in interior decoration.   The Aesthetic sector will be located in Hall 3, with the latest features in products, treatments and demonstrations; equipment, waxing and hair removal, face and body treatments, natural cosmetics, colour cosmetics, nails and makeup. This hall will also contain the classrooms of the 10th Aesthetics Congress, the 2nd Hispano-American Micropigmentation Congress, the World of Massage Workshops as well as Speaker’s Corners, which will host product presentations and demonstrations and the Business Meeting, a business event with presentations of aesthetic products and seminars specifically aimed at entrepreneurs, distributors and wholesalers within the beauty industry -hairdressing and aesthetics.

The Hairdressing sector will be represented in Hall 4, with its commercial area, where the latest launches from hair cosmetic brands, extensions, wigs and accessories will be presented, as well as salon furniture, tools and professional clothing. In this hall, the Hairlook Focus area can also be found, a setting in which exhibitions are continually being carried out, as well as the Speaker's Corner area specialising in hair, which brings together product presentations and demonstrations.

The nailcare and makeup sectors will be accommodated in Hall 5, where firms from both sectors will be located and conduct an array of competitions, activities and contests.

For its part, Hall 14.1, the same space which hosts Fashion Week Madrid twice a year, will host the Hair Look event, where the big hairdressing shows will be held, run by important national and international figures.  This 20th Salon Look will feature new hairdressing events and shows, such as the 2nd Selective Professional Grand Finale Show, Machine by Artero & Rodelas and the Coty Professional Beauty Show, organised by Wella Professionals and Sebastian Professional. Important, high impact events within the sector, which will be added to the regular shows in the calendar of activities at this exhibition. These include those organised by L’Óreal; the Effervescene show by Mikel Luzea; the Positive Show from the X-Presion collective; the fashion show and awarding of the Figaro Awards for creative Spanish hairdressing; and the Omat Gala for promising young professionals in the hairdressing and aesthetics sectors.

Prestigious national and international brands
Among the more than 1,300 firms present at this year's Look Exhibition are well-known national and international brands from the world of image and integral beauty. Aesthetics exhibitors will include  Casmara Cosmetic, Guinot, Laser Sapphiere, Paraiso Cosmetics-Iberocel, Indiba Deep Beauty- Sorisa Beauty Solutions, Novasonix, Reference Medical, Kuo’s Professional, and TH Centro Cosmeticos.

In aesthetic medicine, Medikalight, and in micropigmentation, Biotek&Mar Díaz, and AEM - the Spanish Micropigmentation Association. For its part, Makeup and Nailcare will include participation by Masglo, Adessa-ABC Nailstore, Pinceles Vendetta and Temptu.

In Hairdressing, the firms will include Artero, Industrias Orial, Kapalua, Fama Fabre, Grupo Pettenon, Sweet Professional, Termix, and Yunsey Professional; in the Barbershop sector, El Miral Distribuciones, Hey Joe, and Vie-Long, and in Salon furniture, Pietranera among others.

International buyers programme
This Salon Look edition has organised a Buyers' Programme in collaboration with ICEX Spain Export and Investments and Stanpa, the National Perfume and Cosmetics Association, with the aim of offering exhibiting companies the chance to contact qualified professionals from other countries.   Within the scope of this programme the event has invited buyers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany and Poland to this event.

A full programme of first-level parallel activities
The 20th Salon Look will maintain its strong commitment to training. It will, therefore, complement its commercial offering with an extensive programme of parallel activities, aimed at sharing knowledge, techniques and training among the attendees, putting the latest developments in the sector at the disposal of professionals, helping them to update their range of customer services and, at the same time, promoting the development and evolution of this industry. 
The 10th Aesthetics Congress, one of the main events dealing with aesthetics in the Spanish-speaking world, will tackle subjects such as “Latest advances in aesthetic apparatus. Understanding the latest, innovative and most effective technology"; and "How can we use social networks in the field of aesthetics? And what are the most popular networks?, Optimize your presence", among others.

The discussion of these subjects will be carried out by prestigious experts, including Dr.  Alejandra Fernández; the beauticians  Myriam Yébenes and Gema  Cabañero;  the pharmacist  Pilar Cairo;  the cosmetic specialist  Claudia Di Paolo;  the  expert in dermato-functional physiotherapy  María José Bordera;  the expert in social networks Teresa Medina  and the  Storytelling trainer  José Luis Galar.

2nd Micropigmentation Congress
On the other hand, the Salon Look will once again host a reconvening of the Hispano-American Micropigmentation Congress, CHMM'17, after the great reception it received at the previous event. This congress represents a unique and extraordinary academic event in the sector, organised by Look Exhibition/IFEMA and the Spanish Micropigmentation Association (AEMP), which will take place from 3 to 7 November in Pavilion 3, under the direction of Mario Gisbert, President of the Association and one of the most renowned international experts in micropigmentation techniques.

During the congress, attendees will be able to learn four different eyebrow techniques, using both a dermograph and a manual inductor (“microblading”), as well as the latest techniques for the lips, eyes, areola, hair and pigmentology. All of these topics will focus on opening up new opportunities in the micropigmentation business.  The agenda will be taught by the best international trainers.

World of Massages Workshops will be held on Saturday 4 November, coordinated by Consuelo Silveira, registered practitioners will be shown the most appropriate application  properties and techniques for different types of massage.  The programme is structured into four sections and each of them has a guest country. The Massage Workshops will be held in the Seminars Area in Hall 3.

Makeup and Nailcare Championships and Demonstrations
All the commercial offerings and activities dedicated to the Makeup and Nailcare sectors will be located in Hall 5. As usual, the traditional Makeup Championships will be held again this year, where it will be possible to meet professionals from this discipline. The themes will include the    Dark Girls – aesthetic on 4 November and  80s Urban Tribes –on 3 November.

As regards Nailcare, Salon Look will hold the 5th international manicure Olympics, Nailympion Spain throughout the exhibition, offering spectacular nailcare designs and techniques. The results of this competition are judged by INJA, the International Nail Judges' Association.

The world of hairdressing and barbering
The other large sector at the Salon Look is the world of hairdressing which will be located in Halls 2 (Barbering and Salon furniture) and 4 (Hairdressing). Both halls will provide professionals with a comprehensive programme of first-level parallel activities, taught by national and international experts in the hair sector.

The world's best hairdressing on the Hair Look catwalk
Innovation, cutting-edge, creativity, talent and innovation will come together in the big hairdressing shows that the Hair Look fashion show will host, one of the biggest points of interest for the programming of the Salon Look, where top figures from national and international hairdressing will be participating. A unique opportunity to learn first-hand the best hairdressing in the world.

The 16th OMAT International Gala of Young Talents, will open the fashion show on Saturday 4 November at 1 pm. Also on Saturday, at 7 p.m., the 4th L' Oréal Professional Hair Fashion Night will be held, a show full of fashion and trends with the best professionals in the world.

 On Sunday 5, the Hair Look 2017 catwalk will present the 4th Effervescence show, organised by Mikel Luzea. Effervescene 2017 will gather together, as it does every year, the most outstanding hair stylists at the cutting-edge in Spain. Carlos Valiente, José Siero, Pelsynera and Mikel Luzea will be the personalities leading the four teams, offering a plain and simple  hairdressing show,, with only hairdressing content.
On the other hand, Sunday 5 see the return of the 7th Positive Show organised by the X-presion collective, on this occasion under the #HeadHackers claim. The event will feature Trevor Sorbie, M.B.E (Member of the British Empire) along with his artistic director Tom Connell, and the technology evangelist Javier Sirvent. Also on Sunday 5th at 2 pm, you can enjoy a highly creative show inspired by Lego and Famobil, The Machine by Artero & Rodelas, which will show the latest techniques in cutting and colour in commercial hairdressing for men and women.

In addition, Coty Professional Beauty will form part of the Hair Look fashion show on Sunday 5th at 7 pm, bringing together important figures from the world of hairdressing at the hands of Wella Professionals and Sebastian Professional.

Activities on Monday, too
Although the fair ends on Sunday, there will be a variety of activities of interest to the professional on Monday, both at IFEMA and in the centre of Madrid all linked to Salon Look. These include micropigmentation practical workshops, which will be held at the IFEMA North Convention Centre on Monday and Tuesday, just after the 2nd Micropigmentation Congress, which will take place over the same three days as the fair. Also taking place on Monday is the Women's Forum, sponsored by Revlon, which will be held at a venue in central Madrid.

Fígaro Awards
On Monday 6 November, with the commercial exhibition and its activities now over, another Hair Look fashion show event will take place. It is considered one of the most anticipated events in Spanish hairdressing: the Figaro Awards fashion show and award ceremony, organised by Club Figaro, which this year celebrates its eighth year. It will be a spectacular show announcing the winners from among 15 finalists, who will deploy all their creativity on the stage, just prior to the awards ceremony.

5th SALON LOOK Awards
On the other hand, on 26 September, the awards ceremony for the 5th Salon Look  was held, organised by Salon Look. The ten winners, selected from among 30 finalists were: Lewis Amarante, for Best Professional Aesthetic Career and Luis Miguel Vecina for Best Professional Hairdressing Career; Mensajeros de la Paz-Pelobus in Best Charity Action; Idili Lizcano of Alqvimia, in Best Business Project, aesthetics category and  Narcís Oriol Quintana, in Best Business Project, hairdressing category. Awards were also presented to Haute Custom Beauty, for Best Exhibition Concept in aesthetics and Maison Eduardo Sánchez, for Best Exhibition Concept in the hairdressing category; the television programme Flash Moda from TVE, for Best Communication; Consuelo Silveira, for Best Training Project in the aesthetics category and Cebado, for Best Training Project in the hairdressing category. In addition, two Honorary Awards were given to Felicidad Carrera and Alberto Cerdán, for their involvement in and personal dedication to the Beauty and Hair sectors, respectively.

Perfume and cosmetics consumption grew by 3.25 por ciento in 2016
The consumption of cosmetics and perfumes in Spain strengthened its positive growth in 2016 and increased revenues by 3.25 por ciento to just under 6.7 billion euros. This positive growth is the second that the sector has recorded since the major downturns suffered since 2008, according to data provided by the National Association of perfumery and cosmetics (STANPA).
During the past year, the five major product categories the sector is divided into - perfumes and fragrances; colour cosmetics; skin care; hair care and personal hygiene - had positive growth, although this growth was especially notable in decorative cosmetics, with an increase of 8 por ciento, and perfumes and fragrances, with 4 por ciento.

The colour cosmetics segment, which integrates products such as makeup for the face, lips, nails and eyes, grew the most, with an 8 por ciento increase in sales, driven by the "selfie" fashion and the importance of personal image on social networks. With sales of 649 million euros and some 91 million units, this segment recovered to figures last seen in 2011. The strong increase in products for lips was especially notable, with an increase of 12 por ciento exceeding a total of 17 million units sold in 2016.

In perfumes, during 2016 consumption grew by 4 por ciento, reaching 1.2 billion euros and more than 68 million units sold (some 5 million more than the previous year).

The consumption of grooming products increased 2 por ciento to reach 1.6 billion euros.

Spanish exports of perfumery and cosmetics have increased by 6.4 por ciento compared to 2015, reaching 3.5 billion euros. The trade balance has maintained its positive balance since 2006 with a coverage of 129 por ciento. European Union countries are the main destination of Spanish exports, with Portugal and France at the head. The non-EU countries, and in order of importance, include USA, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Chile and Russia
 The perfume and cosmetics industry in Spain directly employs more than 35,000 workers and it is calculated that more than 200,000 are employed indirectly, in more than 15,000 specialised perfume stores, 50,000 hair salons, 22,300 beauty salons and 21,900 pharmacies.

Highly made-up eyes, bright lips and skin
The trend in makeup is for a more natural look. The objective is a very bright skin. The bases lighten and imperfections are neutralised thanks to the correctors. Rouge is used to add pink or peach tones.  Next season  will see bright, juicy  lips. The range of tones is very broad, from nude to burgundy.

The eyes are taking an unprecedented role. This includes smokey eyes, a type of makeup that completely  covers the eyelid and that can  contain two or more shades of different colours.  The most successful tones are black or brown combined with metallic silver, copper or gold, along with orange and blue tones. Eyelashes this season are thicker and longer with more curves and more intensity. The latest trends in nails point toward browns, silver, copper and purple.

Longer hair with extreme colours
There is a clear trend to ending the fever for short hair and go for an XXL long bobs, four or five fingers below the shoulders. However this season will still see  neo-layer cuts, bobs and pixies  in all their versions. Braids are still popular with sophisticated styles and a low ponytail.

As for colour, the trend this autumn goes from romantic chestnut to polar blonde, passing through vibrant red. For men, short hair is the most popular in fashion circles.  The  spike style - shorter on the sides and at the back of the head and longer on top - is a great bet, although without forgetting  quiffs  and, of course, a  totally shaved head.

During its three days, the Salon Look will be open continuously from 10 am until 8 pm.