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31 January 2024

The 41st VetMadrid Congress will be held at IBERZOO+PROPET

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Sponsored by the Madrid Association of Pet Veterinarians (AMVAC), this time, the congress will feature a prestigious panel of professional experts in the field of Medicine and Surgery of the Digestive System and Nutrition.

IFEMA MADRID will host a new edition of IBERZOO+ PROPET from 13 to 15 March. It will be the eighth edition of what has become the most important event in Spain for professionals in the animal world. It will include a fascinating training programme designed to encourage collaborations among professionals and knowledge exchange within the industry.

Sponsored by the two main professional associations, the Spanish Association of Pet Industry and Trade (AEDPAC) and the Madrid Association of Pet Veterinarians (AMVAC), the fair has also been chosen to host the 41st VetMadrid Congress organised by AMVAC.

The congress, which will be held at the Centro de Convenciones Norte at IFEMA MADRID, will be on the subject of “Medicine and Surgery of the Digestive System and Nutrition and is expected to attract even more than the 2,000 visitors who attended the last edition.

There will be presentations about subjects of great interest to the profession, such as liver and digestive system disorders and diseases in animals, odonatological treatments, diagnosis and treatment of digestive system-related tumours and surgical interventions involving this set of organs. The panel of prestigious participants at VetMadrid will include renowned professionals such as Remo Lobetti, Carlo Masserdotti, Aurora Mateo, Stanley Marks, Ignacio Sández, Silvia Penelo, Andrés Sánchez, Victor Domingo, Guillermo Couto, Guadalupe Miró, Linda Toresson, Susanne Stieger-Vanegas, Geraldine Blanchard, Dan Brockman, Fco. Julian Pérez, Sheila Wills and Patricia Muffat es Jacques.

The upcoming edition of IBERZOO+PROPET will be held at IFEMA MADRID from 13 to 15 March 2024.