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27 June 2024

Iberzoo Propet strengthens its professional and global identity, positioning itself as a platform for showcasing the latest trends

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The next edition of the professional fair for the pet sector is scheduled to take place from 26 to 28 February 2025

The next edition of IBERZOO PROPET, the renowned international fair in the pet industry sector, is already in motion. Organised by IFEMA MADRID and supported by AMVAC (Madrid Association of Pet Veterinarians) and AEDPAC (the Spanish Association of Trade and Industry in the Pet Sector), the event's Organising Committee has been established. Mark your calendars for 26 to 28 February 2025, when the next edition will take place.

The upcoming edition will strive to surpass the numbers achieved at this year's meeting. To achieve this objective, the primary emphasis will be on individuals working in this field, specifically veterinarians, specialised stores, breeders, trainers, pet shelters, and animal protection associations. This will further enhance its reputation as a leader in the Iberian Peninsula, owing to the strategic location of the city of Madrid, a hub for the pet industry in Europe, where the Iberzoo Propet event takes place.

The next instalment of this trade show is also looking to further its reach into the global market, with an increase in the number of international companies to over 40. In the previous edition, 10% of attendees were from abroad, with a strong showing from countries like Portugal, Italy, and France.

Another area that will continue to receive attention is the programme of activities that accompanies the fair, serving as a great showcase for trends and innovations. In the previous edition, this programme brought together over 900 attendees. At the next edition, Iberzoo Propet will feature the 42nd VetMadrid Congress; the Canine Styling Stage; the 7th FORUM of Trade and Industry in the Pet Sector in Spain, organised by AEDPAC; the Artero Workshops; the Veterinary Classroom and Scientific Forum; the Space and Impulse Awards, as well as the Sector Evening where the Antón Awards will be presented.

Iberzoo Propet gets a new image

Ahead of the next edition in February 2025, IBERZOO PROPET will be launched with a new image that highlights the evolution and consolidation of this fair in order to become an international benchmark. This means a new design that symbolises the dynamic nature of this fair while preserving the essence and values that always made it such a success.