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11 March 2024

IBERZOO+PROPET: the trade fair for discovering and learning more about the pet world

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The activities programme at the trade fair will be composed of the Aula Veterinaria (Veterinary Classroom), fishkeeping activities, the Canine Styling Stage, the VI AEDPAC Forum, VetMadrid Congress, Artero Conference and the Sector Afternoon.

IBERZOO+PROPET, the leading event for pet professionals, will open at IFEMA MADRID next week, from 13 March to 15 March. This new edition has attracted even more participants than last time and will have more than 220 exhibitors.

The fair, which is promoted by the Madrid Association of Pet Veterinarians (AMVAC) and the Spanish Association of Pet Product Distributors (AEDPAC), will include a comprehensive programme of congresses and spaces, such as the Aula Veterinaria (Veterinary Classroom), fishkeeping activities, the Canine Styling Stage, the 6th AEDPAC Forum, VetMadrid Congress, Artero Conference and the sector afternoon, where participants will share their knowledge and present innovations and services designed for pet professionals.

Aula Veterinaria:

This space for training, analysis, and debate will host a variety of talks on veterinary subjects coordinated by AMVAC. The focus will be on innovation, products, and services that improve pet well-being and health.

Fishkeeping activities:

This area will house three different fishkeeping activities that will tackle subjects like assembling a vertical aquarium, a nano cold water aquarium workshop and the blind assembly of an XL aquarium to encourage participants to share their knowledge and experience.

The Canine Styling Stage:

The setting for activities such as the canine styling workshops organised by Artero and the Dog Grooming Masterclass, courtesy of PROCAN and Magistral Royal.

6th AEDPAC Forum:

The sixth edition of this forum will address specific aspects of current and future trends in the pet care market and industry with the help of a variety of experts and specialists. There will be six presentations during the three-day fair.

VetMadrid Congress:

The 41st VetMadrid Congress, which will be held at IBERZOO+PROPET, will focus on Medicine and Surgery of the Digestive System and Nutrition with presentations and exhibitions by about 20 participating experts.

Artero Days:

The leading get-together for the Dog Grooming and Styling sector will include two days of demonstrations by eight new professionals who will showcase new trends and techniques in dog grooming and styling.

Sector afternoon:

This annual meeting of the full gamut of sector professionals will be an opportunity to discover the veterinary and distribution sector's latest data and enjoy the handing out of the Iberzoo+Propet awards in the categories of Professional Career in the Veterinary Field, Professional trajectory in the business field, Professional trajectory Canine Styling, Professional trajectory in the field of Animal Protection and the award for an Institutional Initiative that promotes Animal Welfare and coexistence with pets.