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16 May 2017

BSPL will present the BOSCH Rexroth Fan control for hydrostatic fan drive systems on INTERNATIONAL BUS AND COACH TRADE FAIR (FIAA) on 23-26th of May in Madrid.

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BSPL as an official “System Integrator”of BOSCH Rexroth will present on International Bus and Coach Trade Fair (FIAA) on 23-26th of May in Madrid the Fan control for hydrostatic fan drive systems.

The task of a hydrostatic fan drive is to use controlled air movement to carry off the dissipated heat from the combustion engine arriving at the radiator. Here the drive serves to ensure optimal engine and combustion temperature. Intelligently controlled fan drive systems thereby help to maintain the legal emissions directives while saving energy. How? Controlled by highly developed sensors, they provide cooling based on the measured temperature to consistently reduce operating costs. No more or less cooling than needed – regardless of whether in on- or off-highway applications.

The benefits of hydrostatic fan drives at a glance



Meeting exhaust gas directives (Euro 4/5/6, TIER 4, US10,

Stage IV...)

Reduction in fuel consumption

Reduced pollutant and noise emission



Clear reduction in operating costs by up to 5 percent

Long-lasting Rexroth components

Higher efficiency compared with other fan drive technologies



Steplessy variable fan speed independent on the engine speed

High fan power at low engine speeds

Option for reverse fan function and standstill

Flexible component layout

Radiator assembly can be split

Space saving



Cooling on demand for reduced fuel consumption

Additional fuel savings with fan stop option