What is Expodental?

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Why Expodental Scientific Congress?

Expodental, with a history of 15 editions, has established itself as a reference fair of the sector at an international level and the undisputed leader of the national scene. Since its first edition, Fenin and Ifema have gone hand in hand to develop a meeting focused on the presentation and marketing of the latest products and services for the sector.

The growing need for training due to the great technological advances of recent years has led to the proliferation of many scientific events of all kinds, making it difficult for companies to select the events that are really interesting for them.

In view of this situation, Fenin, as the representative of the Industry, and Ifema, are leading the initiative to create a single event in odd-numbered years that is effective for companies and offers them a really interesting showcase under the Expodental brand and guarantee.

The professionals who attend will enjoy a Scientific Congress with the most outstanding speakers on the national scene together with a large Commercial Exhibition in which all the companies in the sector will present their new technologies

Advantages for companies

A date in the odd years, to balance Expodental's traditional commercial drive in the even years

Customized Commercial Exhibition: contained in investment with limited surfaces, uniformity of assemblies and usual commercial formats of the congresses (sponsorships, sessions, lectures...)

The visit to the commercial area will be free for all the professionals of the sector without having to be registered in the Congress

Congress with scientific content that, for the first time, and under the umbrella of Expodental, becomes a forum where to keep abreast of all technological advances in recent years

Hands-on workshops, offered by the industry's leading companies on the latest technology and treatments: magnification, magnifying glasses and miscroscopes, surgical navigation, mechanical endodontics, 3D printing, ultrasound and CAD/CAM applications, veneres and aesthetics, management sofware…

Premises. IFEMA-Madrid

North Convention Center - Scientific Congress

  • The North Convention Centre is directly connected to Ifema's Hall 9
  • The presentations of the Scientific Congress will be held in the auditorium with capacity for 1,100 people
  • For the celebration of the practical Workshops and the Conferences, it has 20 rooms located on the same floor
  • The combination of all these coinciding activities can attract up to 3,000 attendees

Access to the Scientific Congress will be made only and exclusively from Hall 9 where the Commercial Exhibition is located.

The visit to the commercial area will be free for all the professionals of the sector without having to be registered in the Congress.

Hall 9 - Trade Show

  • Location: Pavilion 9
  • Uniformity of assembly and stand
  • Rate 350 euros / m2
  • Minimum area: 9 m2
  • Maximum area: 300 m2

The space will be hired by filling out the online application form available on the website.

  • Services included:
    • Floor + stand equipped
    • Insurance, electricity, wifi
    • Communication and Marketing
    • Presence in social networks