What is Expodental?

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What is Expodental?

Expodental, the benchmark trade fair for the European dental industry, which on this occasion consolidates its international expansion with Italy as Guest Country.

Madrid will once again be the epicentre of the dental sector, with technological and digital advances and the most innovative proposals as a consequence of the ongoing research and development.

Why visit Expodental?

Reasons to visit EXPODENTAL

  • To get an overall view of the whole specialised commercial offering available in the market. The national and international trends and developments in five days and under one roof.
  • To initiate, continue or finalise purchasing and ordering processes with the whole distribution channel present at the fair.
  • Build a work network.
  • Schedule meetings with current and potential suppliers.
  • Strengthen business relationships with current suppliers.
  • Analyse and directly verify the characteristics of the products and services offered by possible new suppliers.
  • Expand the knowledge and application of technologies and services.
  • Directly compare characteristics among all specialised deals.
  • EXPODENTAL is a key distribution tool when defining image and content aimed at the end consumer.
  • Obtain product/service distribution agreements.
  • Get the information you need to evaluate the possibility of exhibiting in the future.