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08 March 2024

More than 40 lectures on dental techniques and innovation at Expodental 2024

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The Speaker's Corners will showcase the latest trends in clinical techniques, products, and methodologies during the event. The two forums in the connections between Halls 4 and 6 (exhibitors’ innovations) and between Halls 6 and 8 (training opportunities) are focused on satisfying exhibitors' and visitors' needs.

The 17th edition of Expodental 2024 is determined to provide the best possible experience for all dental industry exhibitors and visitors during the three days of the fair, from 14 to 16 March in Halls 4, 6 and 8 of the Recinto Ferial. IFEMA MADRID organises the event in collaboration with Fenin and will feature a parallel and complementary programme to the business exhibition with more than 40 presentations hosted in two Speaker's Corners. Expodental has two objectives with this programme: to present sector innovations and trends (the connection between Halls 4-6) and to continue to provide essential training and continuous learning to the industry (the connection between Halls 6 and 8).

The following presentations and training sessions will take place in the Speaker’s Corners at Expodental 2024:

Exhibitor innovation presentation area (between Halls 4-6)

Thursday, 14 March

The day will kick off at 12.15 with a presentation by NACEX, official sponsor of Expodental, entitled ‘NACEXpharma as the best urgent transport solution that offers safety, reliability and delivery effectiveness,’ by Xavier Calvo, Business Development Director. At 12.50, it will be time for Hugo Madeira (DGShape-A Roland Company) to talk about ‘Upcoming Digital Dentistry’.

In the afternoon shift at 16.00, Gessica Batani (Incotrading) will present ‘Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) and Silfradent MEDIFUGE®: an important, innovative tool for regenerative medicine in oral surgery”. Later, at 17.45, Ramon Mompell (Align Technology-Itero) will discuss ‘The latest technology in intraoral scanning’.

Friday, 15 March

On Friday at 10.30, attendees will welcome Enrique Pizarro (Addentra Internet S.L.-Klinikare) and his presentation ‘From GPT Chat to your digital receptionist. AI in your clinic today’. At 11.05, UTPR® TECNODOSIS with Antuanet C. Aguero Bernaola will explain ‘The right of access to Medical Records from the point of view of data protection’. This will be followed by the talk ‘Guided Surgery from A to Z’ by Dentalogic at 11.40. Dr Isabel Cervera del Rio will then talk about ‘The new era of digital orthodontics. Where we are and where we are going’ from 12.15 to 12.50 (organised by DM CEOSA). Daniel Blanco (SONY) will be there at 12.50 to present ‘How the latest technologies make it easier for us to take pictures in dental and aesthetic photography’.

In the afternoon, from 16.00, Javier Puyuelo will introduce ‘The new Universal Guided Surgery Box DAS’ (organised by Dynamic Abutment Solutions- GEODA Medical S.L.- Talladium. Then, at 16.35, there will be a talk on ‘Regeneration without membrane’ organised by Dentalogic. At 17.45, Rafael Sanchez (SprintRay) will explain ‘How to promote 3D printing with SprintRay’. At 18.20, Simon Pardiinas and Adrian Beloki will give a talk on ‘Dental dissemination: How to capture patients' and dentists' without dying in the process’, organised by Gaceta Dental. To end the day, Sergi Barcia will talk about ‘Removable and Characterised Prosthesis’ (organised by Yeti Dental Produkte GMBH I Gebdi Dentalproducts GMBH) at 18.55.

Saturday, 16 March

On the final day, Javier Rioja (RIL ESTUDIO) will get things moving at 11.05 with ‘Divisoplay, revolutionise marketing in your waiting room’. At 11.40, Dr Beatriz Turégano Alarcon will present ‘Discovering the interdental spaces’ organised by Curaprox. Next, Dr Professor Martiniano Francischetti will introduce 'What a dental laser can do in the daily clinic’ (organised by Laser Odontologico Academy) in the Speaker’s Corner. Professor Juan Molina continues the lecture series on ‘AI: Rethinking dental’ in a talk organised by Deac (A Proclinic Group Company). At 13.25, Santiago Solá will introduce thoughts on ‘Artificial Intelligence applied to dental clinic’ (organised by Infomed Software S.L-Henry Schein Group).

Training and continuous learning (between Halls 6-8)

Thursday, 14 March

On the other hand, in the connection between Hall 6-8, the Speaker’s Corner focused on training will begin the day on Thursday, 14 March at 11.40 with Sofía Borreguero (organised by JO1N) with ‘Discover how to increase your sales without any investment, through financing’. Then, at 17.45, Anna Boers will talk about ‘Working in the Netherlands’ in a talk organised by Work for You. The last speech of the day in this Speaker’s Corner will be given by Dr Ramón Mompell (organised by Align Technology-Itero) at 17.45 on ‘The latest technology in intraoral scanning’.

Friday, 15 March

Friday will begin at 10.30 with a talk about ‘AI applied to clinic management’ by Pedro de Ahumada and Úrsula Barroso (Ideod Institute). Then, at 11.05, there will be a speech on ‘How to empathise with the patient’ by Dr Christina Radics (DEAC – Proclinic Group Company). At 11.40, Víctor Solá will introduce ‘Image One- Manage and modify images with the only dental image PACS in the cloud’ (Infomed Software S.L.- Henry Schein Group). Later on, at 12.15, Dr Carles Gargallo will give a talk on ‘Being digital and not dying in the process’, organised by DEAC (Proclinic Group Company) – also available on Friday at 17.10. Then, Royal Dent will invite the attendees to learn about ‘Nanohydroxyapatite and its impact on Dentistry’ courtesy of Dr Rocío Lazo at 12.50. To finish the morning's presentations, ‘My Lunas Duo’ will be the talk offered by Patricia Ferreira, organised by Durr Dental Medics Iberica SAU.

The afternoon shift will begin with ‘Innovations in the field of 3D printing of metals: Laser Metal Fusion technology in dental applications’ at 16.00 in a talk by Francesco Cantele organised by Trumph Machinery. In addition, the IDEOD Institute will organise a presentation delivered by Dr Enrique Solano Reina on ‘Interdisciplinary treatment of a skeletal asymmetry’. At 17.45, Dr Yaiza Cuba (DEAC-A Proclinic Group Company) will introduce the theme ‘Ankyloglossia: a case study’ (repeated on Saturday at 11.40). At 18.20 it will be time for ‘Artificial Intelligence applied to invisible orthodontics’ with Marcelo Padrós and Constanza Cuadrado, which will repeated on Saturday at 11.05. And to end the day, at 18.55, ‘Technology to improve your clinic's purchasing process’ with Manuel Barrio Aguirre (Cliniclic!).

On Saturday, in addition to the repeat presentations such as ‘Artificial Intelligence Applied to invisible orthodontics’ and ‘Ankyloglossia: A Case Study’, ‘Good CPR practices in dental practice’ will also be delivered by Ramón Campos (DEAC- A Proclinic Group Company) at 12.15, and ‘Are aligners profitable?’, by Sofía Solano, Ursula Barroso and Pedro de Ahumada (IDEOD Institute). And to top off a set of more than 40 sessions, 'Elevation of the maxillary sinus. Tips and tricks’ will be delivered by Carlos Martínez Barcenilla (Osteogenos).

Expodental, from 14 to 16 March 2024, will be held in Halls 4, 6 and 8 on the Recinto Ferial at IFEMA MADRID in collaboration with Fenin and sponsored by NACEX. For more information, see here.