Education Week

EDUCATION WEEK is a meeting point that brings together more than 174,000 students, families, teachers, counsellors, heads of educational centres and education professionals over a 5-day period.

It is the largest event for the educational world of Spain, offering a broad overview of this sector with its five exhibition halls and unique events: AULA, INTERDIDAC-NETWORK CONGRESS, POSTGRADUATE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION, EXPO ELEARNING, AND SCHOOLS’ DAY

More than 500 participants from 15 countries provide not only the very latest information but also a personally-tailored advice.

The EDUCATIONAL GUIDANCE offered to students, families and sector professionals is one of the fair's main attractions. Last year, the Educational Guidance area gave more than 4,000 personalised individual and centre-focused consultations, all free of charge.

EDUCATION WEEK is backed by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training as well as by major educational institutions and bodies both in Spain and abroad, who together have set up the event for the benefit of the entire educational.

Education Week Press Kit

Download the press kit here.

Education Week Press Kit