Educational Resources Congress and Trade Fair

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Mar. 5 - 7

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Congreso Red - Interdidac

CONGRESO RED – INTERDIDAC, organised by Feria de Madrid and with the collaboration of the Community of Madrid.

Under the motto “WITH ALL SCIENCES” Training in STE(A)M skills: Science and Technology, CONGRESO RED will be a space for meeting, debate and reflection, where teaching professionals, directors and heads of schools and other professionals in the educational community share their experiences and knowledge on educational trends and developments and best practices, with special emphasis on STE(A)M disciplines.

What is Congreso Red?

Red Congress Progress

Red Congress 2020 aims to be a different space, different to traditional fairs. A project that highlights creativity, innovation and illusion, but above all, in which reign astonishment, motivation, discovery and dreams.

This was Congreso Red + Interdidac

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