DJ Nano

The greatest tribute to dance music
14/12/23 (after party)

Oro Viejo DJ Nano

About DJ Nano

On Thursday, December 14th, Christmas by STARLITE promises to deliver one of the merriest and highly anticipated nights of this holiday season with the sensational ORO VIEJO show by DJ NANO.

Hailing from Madrid, the esteemed DJ will take center stage at Christmas by STARLITE, reaffirming his status as one of the foremost DJs in our country. A multifaceted artist, promoter, and radio personality, Dj Nano has left an indelible mark on the most prestigious festivals and clubs, both nationally and internationally.

DJ Nano will curate a musical journey through the annals of Dance in Spain, featuring the most iconic songs and melodies that will undoubtedly etch the night into our memories. With an infusion of energy and rhythm, this set has transcended its roots as a mere celebration to evolve into a bona fide brand proudly championed by thousands.