Passes and tickets

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Professional pass pre-registration fee

24 €

12 € *

* 50% discount if you register before 3 January

Professional pass pre-registration fee

24 €

18 € *

* 25% discount if you register between 3 January and 2 February

Professional pass registration fee

24 € *

* If purchased on Thursday 3rd or Friday 4th, February 2022

Registration fee both online and at the box office during the fair, unless you have a free code

Professional pass registration fee

30 € *

* If purchased on Saturday 5th or Sunday 6th, February 2022

Registration fee both online and at the box office during the fair, unless you have a free code

Schedule and location

Requirements for access to the fairgrounds

IFEMA MADRID will be a safe space.  We are implementing a rigorous health security protocol that has been validated by the Community of Madrid authorities, enabling us to offer the fair participants a controlled and protected environment.

The main measures being implemented are as follows:

  • Requirement for an EU Digital COVID Certificate (citizens of EU member states) or QR code from Spain Travel Health (citizens of third countries).
    In the absence of one of the above, a negative COVID-19 test certificate issued within 24 hours prior to your first entry to the fair.
  • Mandatory use of an FFP2 mask in interior spaces
  • Digital access passes
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the exhibition area
  • Routes with wide walkways that allow social distancing
  • Capacity control with a visitor counting system and a smart digital system for space analysis and visitor flow
  • Advanced ventilation system that ensures no air recirculation, with filtration and complete air renewal every 20 minutes

At the same time, IFEMA MADRID will also offer the fair attendees PCR and Antigen tests at the exhibition centre in the event that they are necessary for access to the trade fair (when attendees are not able to present one of the required certificates) or for return to the country of origin.

These tests are NOT free and have a cost of 90 € PCR and 30 € antigen test, to be paid before the test is performed.

Guidelines to sustainable participation for visitors

A visit to a trade fair/event, whether professional or public, and whether it is held in our town or requires us to travel, can have a significant impact on sustainability.

The fact that these activities take place in a short space of time, producing a concentration of a large movement of people and goods, means that the negative effects that could be produced are more intense and there is less time to correct them.

That is why it is important to take into account those aspects on which we can act and plan our activity according to sustainability criteria.

Guidelines for sustainable participation at fairs/events