A knowledge and business space for the sector

A commitment to digitalisation and as a complement to the face-to-face event. LIVE Connect is a powerful communication tool that generates visibility and brand awareness, as well as the possibility of networking, a catalogue of products and services and access to high-quality specialised content.

What is LIVE Connect?

  • An innovative technological platform designed to be the meeting point for all professionals in the sector, a space for networking, education and training, promotion and generator of contacts and business opportunities between the different trades.

  • A new tool to boost the visibility of the sector, dynamising its commercial activity among professionals from all over the world.

  • A new model of relationship and permanent contact between customers and suppliers from all over the world, achieving greater reach and market penetration beyond the visitors to your stand during the event.

  • A communication channel at the forefront of the new times that will contribute to boosting the digitalisation of the sector, offering the latest news and exclusive content.

  • A training space, where you will be able to organise and attend a large number of sectorial activities.

What can you achieve with LIVE Connect?

LIVE Connect is a working tool with WEB accessibility to connect you wherever and whenever you want, which will allow you to:

  • Enrich and nourish the network of professional contacts of your sales team by qualifying leads from all over the world.
  • Contact thousands of new potential clients through an appointment management service, live chat, Eb2b, messaging...
  • Organise and attend countless sessions, demonstrations, conferences, congresses, debates sectorised by specific market themes and product categories.
  • Generate thousands of impacts and brand awareness with the entire community of participants.
  • Present and get to know the entire range of products, solutions, services and new products.