What is Aula?

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What is Aula?

A fair that helps students to decide their educational and professional futures effectively.

At Aula, there is a significant offering of educational and training centres, entities and service companies that respond to the training needs of students (from 14-15 years and above) who come to choose which centre to attend for training to get onto the job market.

An opportunity to get a complete and up-to-date vision of education and training.

EDUCATIONAL ORIENTATION SPACE. Students, families and schools have at their disposal the possibility of accessing an educational orientation that helps them analyse the options in terms of training itineraries. It is a personalised, free service, which schools can visit by booking an appointment through the website.

In 2019 more than 4,000 people attended individually. This space will have specialised areas depending on the recipients of the service: students, education centres, professionals, families, postgraduates and continuing education.

Why visit Aula?

AULA helps to build the student’s training plan (choice of studies and professions) and to consolidate their career (first job and ongoing training)

It also helps them:

  • Get a detailed view of the educational offerings
  • Find out about new qualifications
  • Learn about grants and scholarships
  • Learn about new professions on the rise
  • Participate in meetings with experts on relevant topics
  • Enjoy Madrid and its multiple proposals