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Organising the Exhibition

  • Analysis of the Decision to Participate
    • Carefully select the trade fair in which you wish to participate and make sure that its design and scope satisfy your goals.
    • Obtain all the pertinent data on previous editions.
    • Integrate this participation in the company’s General Marketing Plan. The presence at a trade fair should be an extension of your own company. The image which you offer should correspond to the global strategy.
  • Preparing the Terrain
    • Determine the goals you wish to attain.
    • Prepare a participation which fulfills these goals.
    • Let your clients know that you will be present at SIMO EDUCACIÓN.
    • Announce the Products, Services and Innovations you are going to present in the trade fair to all your current and potential clients.
    • Train the personnel who will be attending to your stand in the Trade Fair.
    • Make use of all the promotional tools which SIMO EDUCACIÓN places at your disposal.
    • Gauge your visits and spend the right amount of time at each stand.
    • Take advantage of the benefits of non- verbal language.
    • Focus on your Target Public.
    • Gather the data on your contacts and set up the corresponding priorities.
    • Take advantage of the presence of a large representation of specialized journalists of the sector at SIMO EDUCACIÓN.
  • And Afterwards
    • Evaluate the results of your participation at SIMO EDUCACIÓN with all your staff who were present at the trade fair.
    • Calculate the results obtained. On occasions, it would be wise to wait up to 6 months after the trade fair in order to determine the effectiveness of the contacts made at the time.
    • Follow up and monitor all the clients contacted at SIMO EDUCACIÓN.
    • Make a final evaluation of your advertising campaign and press kits.
    • Reserve your participation for the following edition.

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