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  FiturtechY 2018. From the inception to the creation of a dream

Foto FiturtechY 2018. From the inception to the creation of a dream

FiturtechY (Pavillion 10B of FITUR), 17th-19th January.

Speakers of renown and with important careers such as Miguel Ángel Moratinos, President of the Red Española para el Desarrollo Sostenible (REDS, Spanish Sustainable Development Solutions Network); Kike Sarasola, President of Room Mate Hotels; Carlos Barrabés, President of the Grupo Barrabés; Skip Thompson, Director of Airline Partnership Marketing in Boeing; Carlos Kuchkovsky, CTO of New Digital Business in BBVA; Ester de Nicolás, Technical Sales Manager - Enterprise Solutions in Microsoft; or David Saez, Head of Travel & CPG, Facebook; will come together in FiturtechY 2018, over the three days when FITUR will be open to professional public.

FiturtechY 2018 will again become the meeting point for the professionals of the tourism sector: on 17th, 18th and 19th January, the area in Pavilion 10 will give visitors the chance to learn about and discuss the key points and trends that are transforming the sector, as well as those that are firmly on their way to changing the way we view tourism.
Four simultaneous conferences, centred on the world of business, destination management, sustainability and future trends, where technology will remain a constant co-protagonist and a vehicle to help us understand and anticipate the needs and expectations of the clients so we can build ‘a custom-made dream for tourists’.
- #techYbusiness: “Building the foundations of a new tourism”
The use of smart data as a crucial element to get to know tourists and to build business strategies will be the starting point thanks to professional experts such as Alfonso Paredes, EMEA & LATAM vice-president in Expedia Affiliate Network.
Building a unique experience for clients, ensuring technology and humans work in perfect harmony to stand out from the competition and become established in the minds of the target audience will be the topics that will be addressed by speakers such as Kike Sarasola, President of Room Mate Hotels, or Luis Manuel Díaz de Terán, Business Unit Director in ALTRAN, among others.
All of this will be done without losing sight of the future of the marketing of the tourism product and the digitisation of experiences, which add complexity to the environment.
- #techYfuture: “The start of a new cycle”
The world as we know it today will change, as Marta García Aller, a journalist and writer in El Independiente, will explain. Robotics and artificial intelligence will shape the next revolution of all industries, as Moon Ribas, Cyborg Activist in The Cyborg Foundation or Ester de Nicolás, Technical Sales Manager – Enterprise Solutions in Microsoft, will show us.
Knowing tomorrow’s travellers and knowing how to reach them, considering aspects such as the incorporation of the blockchain, will be explained by Carlos Barrabés, founder of the Grupo Barrabés and Carlos Kuchkovsky, CTO New Digital Business in BBVA, among others. We will also be addressing new travel experiences and the way in which we will be travelling around the world, and for this we will be relying on the insight of Skip Thompson, Director of Airline Partnership Marketing in Boeing or José Mariano Pérez-Urdiales, CEO of Zero2Infinity, among others.
- #techYdestination: “How to make tourists fall in love”
Learning about the new tourist profiles and defining their needs and wishes is the starting point to design an ad-hoc product that exceeds tourists’ expectations, by relying on elements such as new forms of transport, architecture and design of spaces in the destination.
We will be delving into these topics with Javier Rovira, Professor in ESIC, Marcela Cabezas, National Director of the Chilean National Tourism Service, Marco Isolani, Business Intelligence Manager in Costa Cruceros or Francisco José Morcillo, Managing Director in MB3 Gestión, as well as the eight mayors that form the Alianza de Municipios Turísticos Sol y Playa (Alliance of Sun and Beach Tourist Municipalities), who will also be the jury in the “ITH Smart Destinations Awards”.
Finally, we will be studying how to reach travellers through ground-breaking marketing tools that improve the capacity for segmentation and provided added value for tourists. This will be done with María Méndez, Managing Director of Promotur Turismo de Canarias and Alex Villeyra, Head of Customer Success in Mabrian, among others.

- #techYsustainability: “Stimulating responsible tourism”
Nowadays it is ever more pressing for the tourist sector to contribute to the preservation of the environment we inhabit and enjoy, rekindling the spirit of its initial values and making them compatible with new technologies and with the trends of 21st-century travellers. We will be evaluating the current scenario and finding out how the SDGs can be the driving force behind a new, more sustainable tourism with Miguel Ángel Moratinos, President of the Red Española para el Desarrollo Sostenible (REDS, Spanish Sustainable Development Solutions Network).
The key points of the second conference will be the identification of the new form of responsible tourism and the search for blueprints to continue to raise awareness on sustainability as an indispensable ally for the progress of the tourism industry. This conference will be presented by Miquel Silvestre, director of the TV series “Diario de un Nómada (Diary of a Nomad)”, on the second channel of Spanish national TV.
Finally, the mainstreaming of tourism activity and the current importance of management that minimises the negative impact of tourism will be analysed with professionals and experts such as Javier Benayas, professor of ecology in the UAM and member of REDS/SDSN or Juan Carlos Fernández, general manager for southern Europe in Homeaway, among others.
eNett is proud to sponsor the Welcome Area of FiturtechY

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About FiturtechY

FiturtechY is the section specialising in technology and tourism that is organised jointly by FITUR - IFEMA and the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH, Hotel Technology Institute). It was founded more than 11 years ago and has become a leading figure in the sector. A 2000 m2 area within pavilion 10 of FITUR in the Madrid Fair will house four conferences on business management, tourist destinations, sustainability and future trends in the tourism sector. Technology will be the common thread throughout.

The FiturtechY area shall also be used for an exhibition where visitors will find out first hand about the latest advances in technology equipment.

About ITH
ITH is the response of the hotel sector to the challenges that technological advances pose to the tourism industry. The goal of this innovation centre, which is a member of the Confederación Española de Hoteles y Alojamientos Turísticos (CEHAT, Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation), over its 13 year history has been to promote the use of new technologies and management systems that contribute to improving the competitiveness, profitability, quality, efficiency and sustainability of companies linked to the hotel and tourism industry.

FITUR 2018 will be the global meeting points for tourism professionals and will again become the leading fair for inbound and outbound markets in Latin America. Last year’s fair was attended by 9,893 companies from 165 countries/regions, for a total of 135,838 professional visitors and 109,134 members of the general public.

Apart from FITURTECH Y, FITUR 2018 shall also have its usual sections; Fitur Know how & Export, organised by SEGITTUR, in collaboration with ICEX and FITUR;  FITUR Shopping; FITUR Health, together with Spaincares; FITUR Gay (LGBT) organised in collaboration with Diversity Consulting International, and the new addition of FITUR Festivals, in collaboration with Spain Live Music. Added to this will be Investour, a forum for Tourism Investment and Business in Africa, organised jointly by the UNWTO, Casa África and FITUR.




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