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Visitors Services

  • Associated Hotels

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  • Business Centre

    Located at the first floor between Halls 7 and 9.

    IFEMA offers you a new state-of-the-art working area with endless possibilities.
    The most suitable facilities for your meetings

    • Workstation with access to Internet area
    • Private rooms and offices
    • Rest and television areas
    • Catering
    • Office services (fax, photocopies)

    See the brochure


  • Car parks

    To speed up the collection of vehicles from our parking facilities, we have installed ticket machines in every lot.


    Real Time : 2,06 €
    Prepayment : 9,00 €
    Máximum : 15,00 €


  • Cloakroom

    For an easier and more comfortable visit, a cloakroom service is available at the entrance of each hall.

    Garment 1,65 €
    Baggage 3,00 €


  • Commercial Services Commercial Reports

    Located at La Avenida, near main entrance Hall 9
    Tel.: (34) 91 722 58 74 

    ICEX Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade
    Located at La Avenida, near main entrance Hall 5
    Tel.: (34)  91 721 01 04

    Madrid´s Commerce Agents Official Association
    Located at La Avenida, near main entrance Hall 5
    Tel.: (34) 91 722 52 61


  • Electronic Information Point

    IFEMA´s electronic information desks, distributed throughout the South Entrance, North Entrance and each one of the exhibition halls, run a simple yet effective programme that provides visitors with information on stand and service-area locations, as well as full range complementary details.


  • Fair Meeting Service

    The Meeting Service offers all visitors registered with the Trade Meeting Point the opportunity to arrange meetings with exhibitors at the fair. The service lets visitors check their meetings, see if exhibitors have agreed to a meeting and cancel a meeting while it is active. It will email visitors about any change in their meetings.

    This service is, therefore, an essential tool for organising and taking full advantage of your visit to the fair.

    The main benefits the Meeting Service can offer a Visitor are:

      • You will be able to organise your visit to the fair in a way that will allow you to take full advantage of it, by arranging meetings beforehand with the exhibitors you are interested in. Moreover they will confirm the meeting, thus avoiding unnecessary waiting, so you can make the best use of your time at the fair by organising a very good quality meeting diary for each day at the fair.
      • Arranging a meeting with an exhibitor at the fair represents an unbeatable business opportunity as both parties will have been able to agree the aims beforehand.


    Access the website of the fair if you are interested in this service, select the “Visitors” option and if the service is available, then choose the "Meeting Service", you will find all the instructions to sign up and enjoy their benefits.


  • Fair Trade Meeting Point registration service

    By registering with this service you will be able to advertise your presence in the sector and receive information direct from exhibitors. And if you register, IFEMA will also keep your informed about its events, activities, news and services.

    The main benefits of being a Trade Visitor who has signed up for the Trade Meeting Point are:

      • Being part of a group of trade professionals who want to know what exhibitors are going to present at the fair before anyone else.
      • Exhibitors will be able to inform you directly and keep you up to date with regard to their products, services, new developments, promotional activities, events, etc. This will increase your business opportunities and networking in a very personalised way, thus turning your participation in the fair into the most profitable days of the year.
      • You can create a meeting diary with exhibitors to make the most of your participation in the fair by using the Meeting Service. (only when the meeting service is activated and with a link to the page).


    Access the website of the fair if you are interested in this service, select the “Visitors” option and if the service is available then choose the "Meeting Point", you will find all the instructions to sign up and enjoy their benefits.


  • Líneaifema - Call Center

    If you require further information on any of our services, please get in touch with our information department at any time.
    Tel.: (34) 91 722 30 00
    e-mail: lineaifema@ifema.es


  • Health and Emergency Care

    Located in the first floor between the Halls 7 and 9. Access through La Avenida Area and nuclei Halls 12 & 14.
    Tel.: (34) 91 722 54 00


  • Restaurants and Bars

    Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I
    28042 MADRID
    Tel: 91 7225206

    E-mail ifema.restaurantes@eurest.es
    E-mail pedidostand@eurest.es
    E-mail ifema.cafeterias@eurest.es

    ÁREAS S.A.:
    Burguer King

    Tlfno.: 91 722 53 78


  • Sub-Post Office

    Located at La Avenida near main entrance Hall 5.
    Tel. and Fax: (34) 91 721 04 64
    E-mail: suc90.madrid@correos.com

    Open from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 6 pm

    Services: package sending, money remittance, telephony, copies...


  • Taxi

    Stop taxi's at the South and North Entrances. To entry and/or exit the Feria de Madrid Centre will be charged with a suplement of 3,00€


  • Tourist Services

    Travel Agencies 

    Located at La Avenida, near main entrance Hall 6
    28042 - MADRID
    Tel.: (+34) 91 722 53 47
    e-mail: implant@viacfairs.com

    Avda Central IFEMA – Feria de Madrid
    28042 – MADRID 
    Tel.: +34 91 7213814 
    E-mail: ifema@viajeseci.es 
    Web: www.viajeselcorteingles.es 

    Car and van rental
    Tel.: (34) 91 722 52 88/89
    e-mail: alquilercoches@ifema.es

    Air transport

    Official Railway transport

    Special offer from RENFE and IBERIA: Discounted train and plane fares for exhibitors and visitors to the fair.

    Download your vouchers to benefit from this promotion:

    • Exhibitors: log into the EXHIBITOR AREA with your username and password.
    • Visitors: download your RENFE and IBERIA discount vouchers when you buy your tickets from the online box office.

    Pre-register for the trade fair to get access to discount vouchers.

    Madrid Tourism Office
    Located at La Avenida, near main entrance Hall 3
    Tel.: (34)  91 721 05 99 / 91 721 06 04


  • Visitor access at consumer events

    Outside ticket offices at the North and South Entrances. 


  • Visitor accreditation at professional events

    The trade visitor may access to the trade fairs organized by IFEMA:

    • Before the event: pre-registration through the fairs own websites. (" Not available for every show" )
    • During the event: at the trade visitors registration desks located at the North and South Entrances. For more information contact with Lineaifema: Tel: (34) 91 722 30 00.


  • Wi-Fi Area

    At IFEMA venue you will find WIFI connection in all the exhibition  and resting areas.

    We have 5 specific free WIFI areas.

    Free WIFI areas at IFEMA:

    • South entrance - 30 minutes of free connection.
    • North entrance - 30 minutes of free connection.
    • Meeting point in The Avenida (hall 8) - 30 minutes of free connection.
    • Business Centre (hall 7) – 1 hour of free connection.
    • Club Feria Lounge (1st floor of Offices building) – 1 hour of free connection.


    How do I connect?

    Stand in one of the 5 areas marked with a “Free WIFI” sign. Access the “IFEMA FREE” network. You will be asked for your phone number, where we will send you the access code that enables you to use Internet for the limited period defined.

    Other WIFI services:

    If you need a longer or faster WIFI connection, you will have to use our IFEMA PREMIUM network, with which you will be able to connect during 2 continued hours. The price of this service is 10€ and you can book it in the ticket-offices and cloakrooms. In professional trade fairs, you can also book it at visitor registration counters.

    Conditions of Provision of wireless Internet-Access Services subscribed between IFEMA and the user contracting these services


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