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  Madrid to host more than 10,000 hematologists for the EHA congress

Foto Madrid to host more than 10,000 hematologists for the EHA congress

The Spanish capital is about to host one of the largest medical congresses in Europe: EHA (European Hematology Association) will bring close to 11,000 hematology professionals for four days of learning and networking, in line with last year’s edition in Copenhagen. The largest Europe-based organization that brings together all medical professionals, researchers and scientists with an active interest in hematology, will conquer Madrid and share the latest learnings in this essential science.





A key medical discipline. It is in our vocabulary as the key element of life (“flesh and blood”, “pumping through my veins”, etc.), as blood has a vital medical function… but we may not be fully aware of the importance of hematology, which truly this is a world in itself. There are no less than 40 disciplines within the hematology world, which the congress will cover through educational sessions and posters. And its medical importance is very strong. Hematology is growing as a discipline, and there is a lot of research going on the treatment of diseases both non-malignant (such as anemia) and malignant (such as hemophilia, leukemia…). It is even the source of breakthroughs for cancer treatments.

This explains why the congress draws such huge interest. Indeed, a medical society with 4,000 members (from 100 countries) manages to gather close to 11,000 delegates in IFEMA from 22nd to 25th of June, making it the second largest worldwide. The event is organised by the PCO MCI.

Complete programme. The EHA Annual Congress provides a forum for sharing ideas and hematological innovation as well as disseminating clinical knowledge. The educational and scientific program will highlight state-of-the art clinical practice, the latest findings in hematology and more. It also offers satellite programs and an exhibition area with pharmaceutical companies.

In terms of new formats, the ‘Updates-in-Hematology’ sessions offer pharmaceutical companies in cooperation with scientific institutions to organize small scale educational sessions to update delegates on advances in diagnosis and treatment in different areas of hematology, in a more intimate setting and open atmosphere.

Building community. A challenge in medical societies is to involve the youngsters and new associations; so EHA organizes before the congress an event to generate community between its new participants. 

Madrid in the spotlight. This is the first year the event comes to Madrid, with huge expectation: “IFEMA will be an excellent host for the extensive program of science, education, and research in hematology”, says the association. The congress centre is used to such huge events, hosting this year large events such as EULAR (rheumatology, 16,000 delegates), the International Dental Association (5,000 delegates), ERA / EDTA (kidney care, 11,000 delegates), ESMO (oncology, 20,000 delegates) amongst others. 


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