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RP Industries recognized for quality and speed of production.

RP Industries partners and distributors recognized this company by its proximity, excellence, and quality of services and its innovative nature. It is also frequently known for its fast production. We specialized in galvanized steel swimming pools, and offer high precision of execution solutions, quality control, and customization. Two of its construction systems serve, internationally, the public and the residential sector of swimming pools.

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For the public sector, it presents the innovative and patented Dynamic PanelPool construction system, which has long revolutionized the concept of public swimming pools due to its ease of installation, economy, aesthetics, robustness and ecological character. The galvanized steel structure panels with PVC protection allows the construction of a wide variety of pools in a short time. Regardless of shape, height or dimension, the Dynamic PanelPool is easily adjusted to any terrain or any already installed structure (hotel, water park, spas, gym, etc.).

The Soleo brand for the private sector of residential swimming pools, is a constructive system, also available in galvanized steel panels, with a great degree of customization. The Soleo brand for the residential swimming pools sector is also available in galvanized steel panels. With Soleo you can satisfy any customer request our needs, from the most classic models to the contemporaries ones. With Soleo you have access to almost unlimited possibilities of creating a pool according to the wishes of each client.

The quality and durability of RP Industries' constructive solutions, coupled with the fast execution and delivery of orders, form the basis of the company's international recognition.

Today, RP Industries is one of the most competitive companies on the market for all professionals who demand quality and speed of execution.




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