15 March 2024

Interview with Luis San Narciso, ASEPPI president

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International Construction Week will bring together the CONSTRUTEC, VETECO, SMART DOORS AND PISCIMAD trade fairs, showcasing the strength of the industry and interviewing the president of ASEPPI.

How important is it for ASEPPI to be at PISCIMAD?

For our organisation, this event is undoubtedly important. In four days, this gathering allows us to meet the entire value chain of the sector in person, from manufacturers to distributors, professionals, freelancers, etc. It helps us make our organisation known to many more people in the sector and, most importantly, it helps us learn about new trends and needs in the world of swimming pools. This information is very valuable to us as it allows us to adapt to the needs of the people of the sector on a yearly basis.

What is your overall review of the swimming pool industry in Spain at the moment?

Without any doubt, it is very positive. Our sector was very positively affected by the COVID crisis, with double-digit growth in the two years following the pandemic. It is true that, with great difficulty due to the breakage of raw materials and supply chains, the sector rose to the occasion and was able to solve these problems very well. For 2024, we’re forecasting growth of approximately 8-10%, which demonstrates the economic robustness of our sector. We are convinced that by 2025 it will be growing again.

Let us not forget that Spain is the second most important country in the European Union in terms of volume of swimming pools and business in this sector. We have one of the best industries in the world and unlike France, which is a very mature market, there is still room for improvement in Spain.

What role do events like PISCIMAD play in promoting the industry and generating business opportunities for the industry of this sector?

We personally believe that PISCIMAD will play a crucial role in the industry. It is the first trade fair in our sector to be held in conjunction with the construction trade fair. For exhibitors, it is an invaluable opportunity to get to know different market niches and industry stakeholders. We are convinced that, in terms of the brands, services and products promotion, it will prove to be a turning point. To be able to access another market that has close ties and a synergy with our sector.
For pool professionals, it will definitely be an opportunity to get to know other systems and solutions in the world of construction, as well as all the products and manufacturers in the world of swimming pools.

What are the main challenges facing manufacturers in the pool, wellness and aquatic facilities sector today?

The main challenges facing our sector are the shortage of skilled labour and the lack of generational replacement. There is no doubt that an event like PISCIMAD will help raise the profile of our sector. A thriving sector with a great number of career opportunities 

It is also worth noting the environmental issues. In recent years we have been witnessing a problem of water scarcity that has a very direct effect on our sector. We must take this challenge as an opportunity in our sector. Consequently, there is no better place than PISCIMAD to provide answers from a technological point of view to the new solutions that exist on the market to make swimming pools a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Find out more about PISCIMAD and the International Construction Week on their website.