27 May 2024

PISCIMAD will play a pivotal role in driving growth within the Spanish swimming pool industry.

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PISCIMAD, a leading event in the swimming pool, wellness and aquatic facilities sector, will contribute to the growth of this sector in Spain by generating new business opportunities and sharing the latest innovations in services and equipment. ASEPPI forecasts that the swimming pool industry in Spain will grow by approximately 8% to 10% by 2024. Spain is the second largest territory in the European Union in terms of volume of pools and business in this sector. There is still significant potential for further growth.

PISCIMAD will facilitate business opportunities and foster key synergies with CONSTRUTEC, VETECO and SMART DOORS, events that also form part of Semana Internacional de la Construcción, which will be held from 5 to 8 November at IFEMA MADRID. The Show will once again be the major event for the swimming pool, wellness and aquatic facilities sector, bringing together all the companies and professionals in this field to share the latest innovations in services and equipment in the sector. Furthermore, it will facilitate commercial interaction, as well as the promotion, marketing and national and international distribution of all products, services and value chain-related to aquatic facilities.

The fair will showcase the latest knowledge, innovations and solutions related to swimming pools and aquatic facilities. It will also feature an engaging programme of activities, including practical workshops, where visitors will learn about the operation of their facilities and the best ways to maintain them.

PISCIMAD has firmly established itself as the leading trade event for the construction industry, in conjunction with VETECO, CONSTRUTEC and SMART DOORS. All the events will provide a platform for the global exhibition and presentation of new products, as well as congresses and conferences that will address innovation, professional training and solutions for distributors, builders and developers.

Growth in the Sector

The Spanish swimming pool industry is forecast to grow by approximately 8% to 10% in 2024, demonstrating the sector's resilience in the face of economic challenges. According to the Spanish Association of Swimming Pool Professionals (ASEPPI), the industry is set to resume growth in 2025.

Spain is the second largest European Union Member State in terms of the volume of pools and business in this sector. Spain has one of the most developed industries in the world, with significant potential for growth. Unlike France, which is a highly mature market, Spain still has a long way to go in this field.