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Salón Look Santiago successfully concludes its first edition and it has become the main professional Beauty fair in Chile

The new exhibition, co-organised by Ifema-Feria de Madrid and Espacio Riesco-Chile, was held from 27 to 29 October at the Espacio Riesco Convention Centre in Santiago and brought together 7,200 professionals from the sector

The event was attended by prominent national and international professionals, such as Consuelo Silveira, Oswaldo Sanabria and Monica Huerta, at the Aesthetics and Spa Congress as well as international salon chains Tigi and Toni&Guy, among others

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Salón Look Chile has successfully started its journey. Its first edition, held from 27 to 29 October in Santiago, Chile, brought together 7,200 professionals from the sector, making it the first edition of the most important professional beauty fair in Chile and one of the most important in Latin America. A success that has contributed to the prestige and professionalism earned by Salón Look during its 20 years of experience in Spain.


The project, supported by Ifema-Feria de Madrid and Espacio Riesco-Chile, two leading entities in the organisation of events, was held at the Espacio Riesco Convention Centre, the country's main trade show venue. This show's target audience were professionals in the beauty, image and integral aesthetics industry; hairdressers, manicure centres, barbers and micropigmentation centres.


Over three days, Salón Look Chile hosted various exhibitions and hairdressing training courses, fashion shows and catwalks, fantasy nail and hairdressing championships, presentations and launches of products associated with aesthetics, spa and wellness, given by leading national and international professionals. These included stylists Thomas Osborn, Creative Director of Tigi & NY Academy, and Zak Mascolo, CEO of Toni&Guy, who presented their cut and colour trends for 2018. Also, well-known personalities took part in the First Aesthetics & Spa Congress - Salón Look Santiago, such as professional beautician Consuelo Silveira, who focused her presentation on the past, present and future of aesthetics, in addition to demonstrating myoactive facial massage. Cosmetologist Valter Dittrich talked about male cosmetics and aesthetic appliances, and the expert doctor in spa treatments, Oswaldo Sanabria, gave a lecture on aesthetic treatments, and resolved the dichotomy of whether they are a luxury or a necessity for the client. Also, present were cosmetologist Mónica Huerta and the micropigmentation expert Paola Gateño. The latter gave a talk on micropigmentation and chemotherapy, in addition to doing a series of live demonstrations on post-mastectomy areola and microblading brows.


Julia González, commercial manager of Salón Look Madrid, said that "the first edition of Salón Look Santiago Chile has been a dream come true for IFEMA. We had put a lot of enthusiasm in the project and thanks to the good work and the perfect connection between the teams in Madrid and Chile, we have achieved excellent results. It is only the first step on a long journey, on which we will work to get the most important companies to participate and to implement activities of maximum interest to the sector". González said that the smooth running of this first edition has already made other companies express their interest in participating in the next edition. He also revealed that: "We have new ideas to create quality content that attracts the greatest number of professionals and contributes to the success of this fair".


For his part, Gonzalo Lira, Manager of Fair Development at Espacio Riesco, indicates that "the balance of this first edition is absolutely positive, both for the fair and for the sector. It is with great pride that Salón Look Santiago is positioned as the most important professional beauty, aesthetics and image fair in the country".

Salón Look Santiago was created with the aim of becoming a bridge between Europe and the Latin American continent and offering companies a great platform to participate and attract professionals to the rest of the Latin American countries. The first edition of this professional show had 7,000 square meters of activities, where visitors could share their knowledge, techniques, training and industry news. 

The structure and contents of Salón Look Santiago followed the model of the Madrid show, where the main exhibitors, companies and representatives of the sector come together. By reproducing the same exhibition concept as the Madrid version, the exhibitors at Salón Look Santiago will include the sector's largest companies, representatives of brands covering cosmetics and beauty products, hairdressing, make-up, natural cosmetics, nails and eyelashes; laboratories, professional clothing, furniture...

Cosmetics was one of the sectors with the greatest presence in the first edition of Salón Look Santiago, with last year's sales in Chile recording a turnover of almost 3 billion dollars, at public sale price, according to data from the Cosmetic Industry Chamber of Chile. 

Beauty industry leaders in Chile, as well as product brand representatives, hairdressers, beauticians, barbers, groups and cosmetics industry professionals are already preparing for the second edition of Salón Look Santiago, which will be held between 15 and 17 June 2019 at the Espacio Riesco Convention Centre.

More information at http://www.looksantiago.cl/ and photos at http://www.looksantiago.cl/galeria/




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