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New Legislation Marks a Turning Point in the Personal Protective Equipment Sector

The new regulations on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are a turning point for the sector, says Asepal. “The entry into force of the new regulation on the marketing of PPE has become the cornerstone of this industry. After legislation that has been in force for the last 25 years, companies face a process for PPE recertification that will involve a review of their strategy, as well as their product catalogue.” The Association of Personal Protective Equipment Companies (Asepal) explains that the main changes introduced by the new legislation are about the production process and marketing of PPE. It contains a more precise definition of the responsibilities of each of the agents involved in manufacturing and distribution.

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Another important aspect is ensuring the traceability of PPE as well as a review of products that fall into each of the categories in which they are classified. For example, it’s important that kitchen gloves are now beginning to be considered PPE and that all hearing protection changes from category II to category III.


Although only PPE that complies with the new regulation can be marketed now, users may still find (until 2023) PPE compliant with the old directive being sold as existing stocks can continue to be sold. Regardless of whether a PPE product complies with the directive or the regulation, equipment will still maintain the same levels of quality and safety, as the legislative change only affects marketing.


According to Asepal, “the new regulation is a great opportunity for the market to strengthen the good practices of companies that comply with legislation and regulations, to offer higher quality products, and to put a stop to those who dare to play about with a matter as important as safety by selling products that do not meet the requirements.” “We are confident -the association points out- that companies will make the transition successfully and adapt to the new regulations, and that the market will be stronger to face future challenges.”






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