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The Fire Protection Sector Shows its Commitment to Sustainable Development, Greater Professional Standards and Social Awareness

Achieving sustainable development will be the biggest challenge for the fire protection industry in the coming years, says TECNIFUEGO. “This development must be based on economic growth, legislative renewal that encourages professional qualification, increased training and social awareness,” explains the Spanish Association of Fire Protection Societies. Economic growth must be based on competitiveness. “We must be more competitive, improve customer service, and help customers understand that in fire safety, the efficiency and reliability of an installation are directly related to the professionalism of the company that installs, maintains and manufactures it.”

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In this regard, changes in legislation help improve professional standards, and TECNIFUEGO is collaborating with the ministries involved (Industry, Development) in drawing up the legislation. “In the same way, we maintain a flexible working relationship with all the autonomous regions (especially Madrid) to promote a unified implementation of new legislative measures with the aim of making them more effective and enabling geographical mobility of fire prevention professionals around the country.”


For training, TECNIFUEGO is collaborating with the Ministry of Education through INCUAL, the National Qualifications Institute, in identifying and describing new professional qualifications (in vocational training) for fire protection in line with the newly-published regulations, providing advisors and expert teachers from among our members.


“Another of the key aspects on which we base our actions for developing the industry is raising public and government awareness about deaths due to house fires which, far from decreasing, rose again in 2017, (184 deaths, the highest figure in a decade),” they said. Therefore, “at TECNIFUEGO we have launched our “Los incendios matan. La protección es possible” (Fires Kill, Protection is Possible) campaign to raise awareness about fire risks and protection systems.”







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