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Programming 16/04

12pm - 1pm Chef Ricardo Magalhães, author of artistic and monumental cakes

Cake Fruit Attraction

3pm - 4pm Bartender Gerson Bonilha – YouTube “Youdrink”

Caipirinha, a classic

Programming 17/04

12pm - 1pm Chef Guilherme Cardadeiro/ Ong Apprentice Chef

Skillet bread canapé with persimmon chutney and ricotta cream with edible flowers

3pm - 4pm Kascão Oliveira - Classic and Brazilian cocktail consultant

Drinks from Brazilian culture, biomes and demonstration of drinks with cachaça

Programming 18/04

12pm - 1pm Chef Vinicius Rojo/ Go Mama Sustainable Buffet

Caiçara fish with juçara pulp and flour d’água (a reinterpretation of the São Paulo tradition of fried fish with açaí and flour d’água from Pará)

3pm - 4pm Adriana Pino, from A Bartenderia - school, laboratory and events

Recipe: Drink “Walk with faith”