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04 July 2024

Isabel Ocaña: The incorporation of automatic doors into all types of buildings is becoming increasingly common.

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The incorporation of automatic doors into all types of buildings, including residential buildings, is becoming increasingly common. Isabel Ocaña, vice-president of the Madrid Association of Property Administrators, explains this trend in the following interview. As this expert note, these systems not only facilitate access for people with reduced mobility, but also enhance building safety by helping to prevent and extinguish fires.

How are home automation and automatic doors being used in buildings?

The incorporation of home automation in both new and existing buildings is becoming increasingly prevalent. Automatic doors are becoming a common feature in all types of buildings, including residential buildings, due to their ability to facilitate access for individuals with reduced mobility.

How do fire doors improve building security?

Fire prevention and firefighting are two areas where their role is particularly important. It is crucial to inform all homeowners and home users that fire doors without a door damper should be closed and those with a door damper should be open in the event of a fire. The door damper will spring open, isolating us from the fire. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that the door is correctly maintained to guarantee that, in the event of a fire, it will function correctly and guarantee the sectoring of the staircase with respect to the landing and each of the floors of the building.

What else do I need to do to put out the fire?

Fire prevention measures in buildings have been in place for a considerable period and have been updated in line with the latest regulations. For instance, there is a growing emphasis on ensuring that fire extinguishers are fully operational and regularly re-flashed, with the entire protection system undergoing regular maintenance. I believe we are making progress and are performing well.

How have building security measures changed in recent years?

The construction of new buildings is currently incorporating robust security measures. Furthermore, it is evident that in the properties undergoing complete refurbishment, one of the measures being implemented is the sectorisation of the staircase with respect to the landing. It is not always feasible to implement this due to the configuration of some buildings, particularly older structures. However, we endeavour to do so as much as possible to prevent the central staircase from becoming a chimney in the event of a fire.