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04 July 2024

New aid for making housing more efficient and accessible.

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Several autonomous communities and city councils have introduced new subsidies for housing rehabilitation, energy efficiency improvement, automation and accessibility. A number of regional and local authorities have adopted this approach, including the autonomous communities of Aragon, Castilla-La Mancha, the Canary Islands and Madrid, as well as city councils such as Zaragoza and Vitoria.

The Castilla-La Mancha Government has recently approved a 16.5 million euro aid package for energy efficiency improvements in housing using NextGenerationEU funds. The subsidies will be used to finance actions or works designed to improve energy efficiency, the building envelope and accessibility.

In a similar vein, the Ministry for Housing and Urban Agenda has recently entered into several agreements for the rehabilitation of 917 homes in the Canary Islands and Madrid. The total contribution is 22.2 million euros, with the work scheduled to take place in the municipalities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Oliva (Canary Islands) and in the municipalities of Torrejón de Ardoz and Coslada (Madrid).

Zaragoza and Vitoria

Furthermore, municipalities are dedicated to urban regeneration. The deadline for applications for accessibility and rehabilitation grants for private homes has been extended by the Zaragoza City Council. The new deadline is 31 December 2025. This marks the process's start with two of the five planned lines, with a total investment of 6 million euros. The eligibility criteria for sole proprietors and homeowners who carry out works after 22 May 2024:

The Vitoria City Council has already approved the payment of the first municipal subsidies for housing rehabilitation and door renovations, with applications open until 31 December 2025. The subsidies are intended for the renovation of doors, exteriors, window replacements, structural works and other works related to building structures.