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25 January 2018

The smart doors technical conferences will present current trends in the door and automation industry

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Domotics and security, the RED directive, AENOR certification, CE certification on doors or energy efficiency labelling, among the issues to be analysed in this first edition

Organised by IFEMA, SMART DOORS will be held alongside SICUR, the International Fair on Security, from the 21st to the 23rd of February, in Hall 2 of the Feria de Madrid.

Alongside the presentation of the new advances in technology, design, safety, accessibility, architectural integration etc. by the leading companies in the doors and automation industry at SMART DOORS 2018, the new Fair organised by IFEMA from the 21st to the 23rd of February in Hall 2 of the Feria de Madrid will be the forum for analysis and discussions on some of the most important current issues of the industry.

A full three-day program of Technical Conferences that will focus on issues of domotics and security, the RED directive, the AENOR certificate for installers and maintenance professionals; the CE labelling on doors and energy efficiency labelling, presented by experts in each field and within a context of great professional interest, as it will also coincide with the SICUR, the International Fair on Comprehensive Security.

The program will kick off on Wednesday the 21st of February in the morning, with the conference “Domotics, technological evolution in construction” by the Director of the UCAM Smart Architecture Master's, Eduardo Suller, where he will revisit the last 25 years of evolution of domotics systems for homes and buildings, as well as the various protocols, own or standard, organisations and regulations, and he will analyse the situation of a market that is sure to consolidate in the next decades.

The second subject of the day will be “The RED directive and its impact on the radio equipment market” by the Area Head of the General Secretariat for Inspection of Telecommunications of the Ministry for Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, Luis Miguel Fidalgo.

The purpose of this conference is to inform the various companies that are part of the marketing chain of radioelectric equipment of the European Union on their obligations and requirements to place these products on the Spanish market, based on the guidelines and changes set forth in the New directive 2014/53/EU of the 13th June, and which developed the New Legislative Framework created in 2008, to add this type of products to the consolidated legislation.

Spain, as a Member State of the European Union, approved a Royal Decree that transposes the RED Directive and guarantees its application throughout national territory.  The conference will also refer to the activities that the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda has been entrusted with as market vigilance authority, and will inform on how to prove compliance with the RED directive, by means of an EC-type exam Certificate issued by a Notified Organisation.

Thursday, the 22nd of February, will be dedicated to “AENOR certification for installation and maintenance company”, in a session presented by AENOR INTERNATIONAL Certification Specialist, Miguel Blanco Rodriguez, in order to inform on the specific certification system for AENOR door installation and maintenance companies. All of the main national Associations took part in the production of this Certificate, as well as the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda.

Thursday's program will close with a presentation on Safety in construction products, presented by the Head of the Industrial Safety Department of the Ministry of Industry, Jose Antonio Delgado.

On Friday, the 23rd of February, there will be a
Technical conference on “Coexistence of the EC labelling of doors”, by the APPLUS representative Albert Ger. Once the co-existence period of the EC Labelling of Doors begins, this session will explain in detail the process to obtain it, the technical requirements, the product features to be declared by the manufacturer, considerations of the inspection/audit and the tests required. Information will also be provided on the participating agents and their respective duties and responsibilities (Notified Organisation, Test Laboratory, Manufacturer, Distributor, Imports, etc.) and on the type of documentation that must be presented by any supplier in order to accept an EC Label and the responsibilities in the event that it is not valid or does not exist.

The second session on Friday is on “Energy efficiency labelling for automatic doors”, by the MEQUONIC representative Miguel Perez, who will focus on the energy consumption impact of doors in a building and on the fundamental contribution of a thermally optimised and well insulated door, with a smart automation system, to the energy efficiency of a building as a whole.  Energy efficiency labelling also enables comparison of different options for automatic doors, from an energy standpoint.