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25 March 2019

The DEA Installer application allows the professional installer to programme and manage automation installations in a simple and intuitive way.

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DEA provides the DEA Installer application for professional installers. It enables you to programme and manage AED automation installations in a simple and intuitive way. Specifically, the company explains, it enables you to programme the control panel parameters quickly and accurately, as it has a simple interface and provides a description for each programming option. And new functions can be made available by updating the card’s firmware, and you can make a copy of each installation. As the company emphasises, “you can reset the parameters and register transmitters with just a few clicks.”

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DEA offers reliable and durable automation systems, and fast and efficient technical support, before and after sales. DEA’s products are characterised by their high-quality technology and easy installation, which help the professional to quickly select the product and put in operation.

We control all production processes, from assembly to construction of the mechanics, which together with the electronics ensure consistent quality. That is why DEA System has created DEA Electron, a company that develops and produces high quality electronics with high quality standards and certified results.