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MARTÍN VECINO unlocking boxes at SMART DOORS

MARTÍN VECINO will take part in the next edition of SMART DOORS, presenting its major new innovations, including its selection and unlocking boxes, control boxes, safety brakes for roll-up doors, resistive strips, and a series of fittings for double-leaf swing doors, self-supporting double-leaf slides, and three-leaf telescopic slides.

19 Jul 2019

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The company's manager, Agustín Martín Vecino, explained that at the next edition of SMART DOORS the company will present a wide range of new products, with the latest developments launched on the market. MARTÍN VECINO is a company that designs, manufactures and markets fittings for industrial doors, a field in which it has specialised throughout its long history in the sector, for more than 39 years now.

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