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19 September 2019

MOTION4 installed a three-panel sliding door in a dental clinic

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In August MOTION4 installed, in a dental clinic in Madrid, the only telescopic three-panel sliding door on the market, which is a huge advance in the sector. The company has been developing automatic drives with linear motor technology since 2010. One of their main drives, the EvoDrive, exclusive for interiors, is the most compact drive on the market, thanks to this linear motor technology that enables dispensing with pulleys, belts and other elements included in a conventional motor. The door is activated by the magnetic attraction and repulsion of the magnets placed along the guide.

MOTION4 continues to innovate and they have launched the only telescopic drive with three automatic sliding panels on the market, with the same linear motor technology. Its design allows for made-to-measure installation in any area, offering trendiness, style, elegance and comfort in clinics, hotels, restaurants and homes, to separate the living room from the kitchen area. It provides automatic moving walls, at a very low cost.

Increasingly more shopping centres trust the reliability of MOTION4 to automate public bathrooms, with their Bath Mode. The automatic drive is equipped with software designed exclusively for access doors to bathrooms, whether public or private. Using detection and activation sensors, they open, close, lock and unlock totally automatically, making them very user-friendly. The colour LEDs that are included in each one signal whether the stall is vacant or occupied. The company is currently working on its second shopping centre project in Valencia, installing its technology in the new Saller Shopping Centre.

Video of the door: