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19 July 2019

PADILLA takes part in improvements at a scientific research station in Antarctica

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PADILLA FIRE DOORS, through its delegation in Argentina, has taken part in a project to renovate the Marambio base and optimise its energy use, to achieve the Antarctic Label, fitting fire doors in different bases around Antarctica, to ensure efficiency and quality. This is Argentina's main permanent scientific and military station, one that it has maintained in Antarctica since it was built in 1969.

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PADILLA FIRE DOORS' participation in this project ranges from the making the doors (fire doors with peephole and panic bar), to involvement in fitting these doors and their accessories, as well as recommendations for use and maintenance.

The company also took part in a theory and practical workshop coordinated by the INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology) at the Marambio Base. The aim of this initiative is to optimise work at the base, reduce energy consumption and improve quality of life for the staff working there.

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