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12 December 2019

Mecosa curtains that prevent fire from spreading

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Mecosa has created firewall curtains that prevent fires from spreading. This is an invisible solution, that is hidden, not interfering with the aesthetics of the place where they are installed and that, in the event of a fire or electrical failure, open up preventing fire and smoke from spreading from one section to another. Read more

The Mecosa Firewall textile products provide both firewall and flame solutions, that are resistant to heat radiation, or smoke walls. They are very versatile and can be made in very large sizes.

Mecosa Firewall is the textile division of one of the leading companies in the manufacture and distribution of fire doors for passive fire protection. As the company explains, “constant innovation in this sector has led us to boost our R+D+i department, to achieve a quality product, in large sizes, to section off areas exceeding 20 metres”.

The firewall curtains meet the European requirements of the standard EN15269-11; and the safety and habitability standards of the Technical Building Code (CTE).