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DEA presents a hydraulic deterrent for easier maintenance

DEA System has launched Rock, a 700 mm high hydraulic deterrent (bollard) with a hydraulic pump removable from the cover, for easier maintenance and replacement. The company's new product also features a reflective band with high luminous efficiency and red LED signal lights.

19 Jul 2019

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The hydraulic deterrent created by DEA has a cylinder with double anti-corrosion treatment: cataphoresis and black polyester powder paint, the company highlighted. It has Netlink Operator, an engine compatible with the Netlink system, which can be programmed with the DEAinstaller app and the NETBOX programmer (only with DE@NET control panel).

The device also has a guide system with chromium-plated steel bars. And its impact resistance is up to 138 kJ thanks to a robust foundation box.

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