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19 July 2019

Plan Renove for automatic doors goes beyond industry

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The Plan Renove (Replacement Plan) for automatic doors promoted by the Madrid regional government will not only benefit industry and business but also establishments such as shops and hotels, said Marta Carnero, technical director of Infometal, in a workshop recently organised by FIMPA. The grants for improving health and safety at work are up to €20,000 per company per year, and the cut-off date for applications is 13th September.

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On 9th July, the National Federation of Manufacturers, Installers and Maintainers of Doors and Automation (FIMPA) held a conference to explain to companies in the sector the Madrid regional government’s Machinery Replacement Plan, part of the region’s assistance package for improving health and safety at work.

Juan Ramírez, FIMPA president, chaired the event, encouraging participants to take advantage of these grants, which are a great opportunity ’to ensure the safety of installed doors‘. The deadline for applying for these grants is 13th September and they are available for individuals and companies, provided that they have one or more employees, or are self-employed persons doing business in the Madrid Region or whose work centre is located there.

Main grants

Specifically, the grants are organised in seven categories: acquisition of new machinery and scrapping the equipment replaced; Adaptation of work equipment to comply with Royal Decree 1215/1997; acquisition of work equipment for ATEX areas (except EPI); design and installation of localised extraction systems; acquisition of motorised work equipment; design, installation and testing of group protection equipment; and acquisition of mobile scaffold towers for micro-enterprises.

Marta Carnero, technical director of Infometal (Metal Services and Information) explained the seven categories, and the documentation required to submit an application.  She also explained to the attendees that the grants will be for a maximum amount of €12,000 per category and €20,000 per company and calendar year.

The e-mail address is open for responding to specific queries.

In addition to explaining these grants, during the workshop, Enrique Pedrero, Director of the Labour Department of AECIM, answered questions about application of the Royal Decree on Working Hours Recording, which came into force last May 12th, and how to adapt to it, taking into account the characteristics of companies in the door sector.