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14 May 2020

Automatic doors, an important ally against Covid-19

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Automatic doors in businesses and homes have become an essential element in the fight against Covid-19, as they prevent contact with door knobs and handles

Their presence and movement sensors guarantee that there are no incidents or accidents. Companies such as Aprimatic and Upama explain the main advantages

At Aprimatic they point out that “given the complex situation we are currently immersed in, all precautionary measures help to stop the virus from spreading”, and they state that “an excellent option is the installation of automatic doors, especially in areas with high traffic of people, such as chemists, hospitals, supermarkets, etc.”. In this company's opinion, “automatic glass doors should be an architectural element to be taken into consideration in future new-build or reforms, because in addition to meeting accessibility requirements, they guarantee health safety and hygiene”.

An essential component of this type of door are photocells, which are a security element governed by European regulations. As Upama explains, “thanks to their features we use them to detect when a person, vehicle, pet or any element crosses the doorway when it is moving, to thus prevent possible accidents”.

Transportation is another source of risk, which is why all possible measures for prevention are being taken. An example of this is Metro de Madrid which, among its special actions to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission among users and staff, has implemented automatic door opening on trains.

Some automatic door companies are convinced that many establishments and businesses will surely seriously consider automating their accesses when the state of alarm ends. And others point out that it would be good to analyse where this type of door may be most beneficial, in order to improve common hygiene and help to prevent new epidemics.