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27 May 2024

SMART DOORS will reinforce the position of the manual and automatic door sector within the Spanish industry.

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SMART DOORS will further enhance the significant role played by the manual and automatic door sector in the Spanish industry, which is expected to generate a turnover of around 1.2 billion euros by 2024. The fair, which will showcase an innovative range of doors and automatisms, will promote business opportunities within the framework of Semana Internacional de la Construcción, to be held from 5 to 8 November at IFEMA MADRID. It will also share synergies with VETECO, CONSTRUTEC and PISCIMAD.

SMART DOORS will once again serve as the primary forum for showcasing the latest innovations and a comprehensive array of new products for the door and automation sector. The event will showcase a range of innovative commercial and business opportunities in the sector. It will feature a diverse range of products, including commercial, industrial and garage doors; high-speed doors and loading bays; roller shutters; fire doors; as well as operators, control systems, components and hardware for these doors. This will be further enhanced by an extensive range of automatic pedestrian doors, doors for sanitised rooms, hermetic doors, operating theatre doors, and so on.

The proposals and contents of the fair will be particularly focused on the main challenges currently facing the sector in terms of safety, accessibility, energy efficiency, and thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as on the advances and improvements in design and architectural integration, connectivity and control systems. Furthermore, the companies exhibiting at the show will be showcasing a range of innovative solutions designed to enhance the accessibility of buildings and homes, including automation systems for the creation of intelligent spaces, accessibility solutions for all types of buildings and homes adapted for people with reduced mobility, and roll-up and stackable doors that offer significant energy savings.

SMART DOORS will be a key tool for the marketing and distribution of products, services and solutions in the door, automation and security sector, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, the event will be held within the framework of Semana Internacional de la Construcción, coinciding with VETECO, the International Window, Façade and Solar Protection Show, as well as CONSTRUTEC and PISCIMAD. This will generate important synergies and offer a global proposal for the construction sector.

Role in the Spanish Industry

The manual and automatic door sector plays a significant role in Spanish industry, contributing to improvements in safety, operational efficiency and automation, as well as ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety regulations. This is according to AEPA, the Association of Manual and Automatic Door Manufacturers.

The sector is expected to generate approximately 1.2 billion euros in turnover by 2024, comprising both the manufacture of doors and operators and complementary activities such as installation and maintenance.