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08 April 2024

Pablo Rein (architect): "Today, automatic garage doors are practically indispensable"iables”

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In the interview below, Pablo Rein, architect and founding partner of the Bueso-Inchausti & Rein Arquitectos studio, explains the three main reasons why automatic garage doors are practically indispensable nowadays. He also points out the risks they can prevent and why it makes sense to replace a manual door with an automatic one.

How important are automatic garage doors?

I believe that today they are practically indispensable. For the sake of convenience, no one thinks of getting out of the car to open the door. For security reasons, if the doors do not close on their own, they would often be left open, so they also represent an effective access control. For energy efficiency, although the garage is not heated, it is important to prevent air circulation to avoid convective heat loss. Through agile manoeuvring, they reduce vehicles' waiting time in front of the door and minimise the impact on traffic.

What other advantages do they have and what risks can they prevent?

The advantages they have are those listed as important aspects. The risks they can prevent are those related to security against intruders and, where appropriate, those arising from compartmentalisation against fire.

Why is it interesting to replace a manual door with an automatic one?

For all the above reasons. In addition, the cost of automating a door is low. In many cases, the existing door does not even need to be replaced, and can be fitted with the necessary motorisation and electronics.